One look at the world around us and we will be able to identify a very common material which is widely in use, that is Polymer. Commonly referred to as ‘Plastic’, it has become an integral part of our life.

Spectro Analytical Labs Limited is a Delhi based testing facility, setting high stands in plastic testing services. Established in 1995, this agency has been demonstrating unparalleled excellence in the field of testing labs.

Consistently for 23 years, Spectro has been providing top quality services to various industries located in diverse parts of the country. Presently there are more than 500 employees working at various Spectro labs and their certification is deemed to be of high value. They are presently a multi disciplinary lab, testing a wide variety of materials to meet the standards set by the Government of India.

Spectro owns the NABL Accreditation which speaks for itself the quality and dedication with which this team operates. Their head office is the best plastic testing lab in Delhi serving various manufacturing clients. Anything from your credit card to vehicle tyres, consumer electronics, household polymer items to huge industrial components and innumerable other products all have polymer as their base material. Spectro has the fine expertise to test these items for a wide array of parameters that ensure quality, durability and performance.

Spectro Labs being the state of the art plastic testing laboratory, can conduct niche tests on polymer and rubber that are specific to the industry and the application of the product. Common tests undertaken to examine the quality of polymer are abrasion test, burst test, heat resistance, shear fatigue test, pressure test, corrosion test, thermal conductivity, UV radiation, flammability test, paint and gloss durability etc.

Apart from being a highly reputed plastic testing lab, Spectro Labs also conducts highly advanced and experienced quality tests pertaining to environment, manufacturing industries, automobiles, construction, food and agriculture, oil and gas, minerals and mining and even aerospace.

Their services range from quality testing to environmental service, inspection and forensic testing. Spectro labs also imparts knowledge, skills and training to aspiring youth through various training programs and educational collaborations.

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