Global Dispensing Sprayers – Market Overview

Dispensing sprayers are a type of dispensing system which is used for spraying out the liquid into small droplets or mist. The dispensing sprayers are used in various applications such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, agriculture and among others. Dispensing sprayers include aerosol cans, deodorant sprayers, perfumes, spray pumps, barber spray, among others. Dispensing sprayers have a nozzle fitted for spreading out the liquid. Dispensing sprayers are of different types such as prefilled or post filled. Prefilled dispensing sprayers are the pressurized containers filled with the liquid or fluids.

The market for dispensing sprayers is mostly driven by agricultural and fragrance industry. Dispensing sprayers are widely used for spraying of pesticides on crops in order to protect them from insects, mosquitos, and other harmful viruses that may harm crops. The dispensing sprayers are made of different materials. Dispensing sprayers are of various types including cans, bottles, and drums among others. Due to the convenience associated with dispensing sprayers, the outlook for growth of the global dispensing sprayers market, over the forecast period is expected to be largely positive.

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Global Dispensing Sprayers – Market Dynamics

The global dispensing sprayers market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to various factors. One of the drivers is the increasing growth of the fragrance industry. Manufacturers are inclining towards manufacturing of dispensing sprayers having consumer convenient packaging. The factor fuelling the growth of the dispensing sprayers market is that the dispensing sprayers limit the dispensing of the content which decreases the wastage of the contents. The manufacturers are inclining towards product innovation and design to attract the consumers. Increasing disposable incomes of the consumers, increasing fashion sense and expenditure on personal care has also increased the growth of dispensing sprayers market. Due to these factors, the demand for dispensing sprayers is expected to rise during the forecast period, and the growth of global dispensing sprayers market is anticipated to increase in the near future.

Despite the positive outlook, there are some factors that might hamper the growth of the global dispensing sprayers market. Most of the prefilled dispensing sprayers are not refillable. Moreover, the disposal of used dispensing sprayers requires a separate process for the separation of the nozzle and the containers. These reasons might hamper the growth of the global dispensing sprayers market.

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Global Dispensing Sprayers Market – Regional Outlook

Globally, the dispensing sprayers market is divided into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Japan. Among these, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe region are supposed to be the major producers of the dispensing sprayers market over the forecast period due to the increasing disposable incomes and increasing consumer expenditure on personal care and fashion products such as perfume bottles. The APEJ region is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, such as India. As the agricultural sector revenues account for a significant share of the Indian GDP, dispensing sprayers are expected to witness high demand in the region, during the forecast period. North America, Eastern Europe, and other regions are expected to have considerable growth in the global dispensing sprayers market in the near future. Hence, dispensing sprayers are here to stay.  

Global Dispensing Sprayers Market – Key Players

Some are the key players in the global dispensing sprayers market are Sema Sprayers Ltd., Visan Spraytech Ltd., Bans Group of Companies, Rieke Corporation, Knida Company Limited, Guala Dispensing S.p.A., Canyon Europe Ltd., National Plastics, Inc., among others.

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