SMS or Short Messaging Service is basically texting messaging solution component of a mobile device. It is a feature that is offered by several service providers. One of the most important objectives of making use of this service is that the users do not require any internet connection for making communications. The senders and the receivers can communicate easily without any internet connection. However, there are a lot of people in these present times who are not aware of the fact that they can send bulk SMS by using an SMS gateway through ASP.NET SMS Gateway Integration.

Different Types of Bulk SMS Solutions via SMS API

There are basically two types of SMSs that can be sent and received using an SMS API and they are promotional SMS and transactional SMS.

A transaction SMS can be defined as a solution that is activated when a transaction takes place online. On the other hand, a promotional SMS is one that informs the receiver or basically the potential clients of a company regarding the new products and services of the specific company. One perfect example of an SMS API is the SMS chat app APIs. Business organizations generally need to send specialized alerts and notifications to their customers for keeping them updated with genuine notifications and offers.

For sending huge volumes of such text messages to all the users at one time in the most systematic manner, ASP.NET SMS gateway integration is required. When it comes to SMS API gateway integration, there are a number of varied sources that you can count on for availing easy integration of SMS API solutions. These sources allow you to access and even download their specialized codes.

Integrating SMS API in ASP.NET

Instead of choosing the easily available source APIs, if you are in the lookout of genuine assistance and would like to uncomplicated the whole system by making use of a simplistic and trusted SMS API gateway. You can conveniently start using a professional SMS API gateway service provider.

There are some of the best and the most well-known service providers throughout clients and industries offering sophisticated, channelized and reliable SMS API gateways. The gateway integration services available from these sources are known to help a large number of companies and businesses in being visible to their clients at the very first instance and that too quite easily. Such gateway integration solutions are of high significance to all those companies and businesses that need to tune up with the highly advanced and latest technologies and trends simply by connecting and conveniently collaborating with their target audiences by sending specialized text messages.

Steps in SMS gateway Integration

For ASP.NET SMS gateway integration, you will have to visit the website of your API service provider and get the API code. Once you get the API code, you will have to download it and use in on your bespoke and standalone software in a way that it can easily start sending SMS text messages as part of the promotional campaign of your business. This is called purpose marketing and it brings in great advantages to large and small businesses and that too within affordable rates.