Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), a non-oxide advanced ceramic material characterized primarily by hardness, toughness, high strength, excellent thermal and chemical stability. Silicon nitride possess high temperature strength and excellent thermal shock resistance which makes it ideal for use in gas turbines and automotive engines. Silicon Nitride is mainly used for glow plugs, turbocharger rotors and hot plugs in diesel engines. Silicon nitride also possesses outstanding wear resistance and good electric conductivity.

Increasing environmental concerns and emission regulations for light duty as well as heavy duty vehicles will assist the demand for turbochargers and in turn will push the demand for silicon nitride for the production of turbocharger rotors.

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Global Silicon Nitride Market: Segmentation

The global Silicon Nitride market can be segmented on the basis of type, grade, application and end-use industry

Based on the type, the global silicon nitride market can be segmented into

Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride
Sintered Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride
Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride
Pressureless Sintered Silicon Nitride

Based on the grade, the global silicon nitride market can be segmented into

Standard Grade
High Purity Grade

Based on the application, the global silicon nitride market can be segmented into

Reciprocating Engine Components
Metal working tools
Electronic Circuit Manufacturing
Medical Devices

Based on the end-use industry, the global silicon nitride market can be segmented into

Electronics and Semiconductor
Medical and Healthcare

Global Silicon Nitride Market: Dynamics

Sintered silicon nitride is the most suitable material for manufacturing of turbocharger rotor owing to its good mechanical strength at high temperature and light weight. Manufacturers are substituting metal rotor by sintered silicon nitride, resulting in 50% reduction of inertia moment and also improvement of engine response. Thus, consumption of silicon nitride is anticipated to grow at significant pace over the near future. Further, increasing demand for engine downsizing for the optimum vehicle performance is assisting the sales of the turbochargers and in turn driving the growth of global silicon nitride market.

Availability of alternative ceramic materials such as alumina, steatite, zirconia, silicon carbide, etc. is found to be one of the key factor restraining the growth of silicon nitride market over the forecast years. Silicon nitride is difficult to produce as a bulk material as it cannot be heated over high temperature owing to its association to silicon and nitrogen.

Key manufacturers involved in the production of silicon nitride are found to be involved in the long term distribution agreement for the product with end-users across the globe For instance, in the recent past Amedica Corporation has announced the partnership with Shandong Weigao Orthopaedic Device Company Limited (medical device company based in China). Thus, found to be one of the key trends identified in the global silicon nitride market.

Global Silicon Nitride Market: Regional Outlook

Considering regions, globally the silicon nitride market is expected to be led by China, owing to the presence of various end-use industries such as electronics, automotive, medical and healthcare, aerospace, etc. Asia-Pacific spearheaded by China is anticipated to be the key region in the global silicon nitride market throughout the forecast years. Asia-Pacific in the market is expected to be followed by Europe and North America region in the global silicon nitride market. Latin America, spearheaded by Brazil is expected to be grow at moderate pace in the global silicon nitride market over the near future. Middle East & Africa in the global silicon nitride market is anticipated to account for small share and is expected to grow at slow pace over the near future.

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Global Silicon Nitride Market: Market Participants

Some of the key players involved in the global Silicon Nitride market include KYOCERA Corproation, CeramTec, UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD., Dynamic-Ceramic Limited, TOSHIBA MATERIALS CO., LTD., Amedica Corporation, CoorsTek Inc., Vesta Ceramics, Denka Company Limited, Panadyne, Reade International Corp., Yantai Tomley Hi-Tech Ind. & Tra. Co., Ltd., and others.