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Senat Management Consultancy specializes in providing support for management decisions with the focus to be proactive, and not just reactive. Senat was established in Dubai in 2014, but spans over three decades and has made it a priority to help clients create connections and relationships.

Every company must find their effective leadership to take it a step closer to achieve its success. The leadership is what shapes and directs an organisation and the techniques determine how far a company can go in the real world. To find which effective leaderships style works best, business consulting in Dubai will help play a pivotal role. However, each leader will run their company with a completely different and unique perspective.

Some leaders will choose transformational leadership technique. Their primary focus is on transforming their employees to achieve company objectives. The company has a singular purpose and all the efforts are shared by everyone to achieve this goal. Often, transformational leaders are seen as authentic and self-aware.

The second technique that Senate Management wants to focus on is democratic leadership. This technique relies on employees participating in the decision-making process. It is a bottoms-up approach and the opinions of employees are valued immensely by the organisation. Democratic leadership wants a long and fully thought-out process during decision-making, instead of arriving at decisions quickly.

Bureaucratic leadership is the third technique that demands rules be followed. Employees are often told what to do and there is little room for innovation. This style is suitable in places where jobs require following standard procedures.

Ms. Rena Clute-Simon of Senat Management states that, “Every situation requires a different style. It is not to say that one style fits all. The organisation must decide which style suits their company goals and employees’ best and you will certainly grow into a successful company. We enable companies to understand which styles they should adapt to, advising private and professional clients on what is really important and we look forward to going on this journey with you”.