In a new intelligence study, Future Market Insights projects the global sales of aluminium aerosol cans to exceed the valuation of US$ 3.5 Bn in 2019. The yearly revenue growth of aluminium aerosol cans market in 2019 is estimated at a promising rate of 5.3%, reports the FMI analyst. As indicated by the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA), the US and China remain the top producers of aerosols worldwide. Europe alone has witnessed around 5 billion aerosol products in 2017, where the UK is the most significantly contributing market.

“Europe remains the top consumer of aerosol containers owing to briskly expanding application base across multiple end use verticals. Russia’s thriving agricultural market is especially raising substantial demand for aluminium aerosol cans for pesticides and insecticides, in recent past. Towards the end of 2019, Europe’s aluminium aerosol cans landscape is projected to account for over 1/3rd of the global market revenue,” says the analyst.

Aluminium aerosol cans, lightweight and economical, constitute the most popularly sought after aerosol container across a range of verticals. There are nearly 200 distinct end uses of aerosols, prominently including personal care, furnishing, painting, cleaning, household, medical and pharmaceutical products, inhalers, and automotive products.

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The analyst quickly explains market taxonomy, “Consistently improving lifestyle, robust demand for convenience products, and growing affordability continue to foster the prospects of aluminium aerosol cans at a global level. While Necked-In aluminium aerosol cans are likely to be the most popular type globally, more than 500ml capacity containers remain the most preferred among consumers. Moreover, household cleaning, cosmetics, and personal care are projected for higher yearly growth rates in 2019 and beyond”.

Competition Tracking & Key Players Trend Analysis : Expansion : Expansion of aluminium aerosol cans production as well as aerosol filling has been among the key strategies of leading market companies, of late. Aryum Aerosol Cans Ltd. recently established a new aerosol filling facility in Turkey and looks forward to lead the chunk of aluminium aerosol cans manufacturers based across Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Sustainability : Following the no-coating aluminium aerosol cans introduced by Tubex that heavily contribute to reduced ecological footprint, a number of companies are focusing on catering to ecofriendly production, packaging, and disposal. Ball Corporation is focusing on the supply of sustainable and innovative F&B and household product packaging solutions, besides expanding the capacity expansion for extruded aluminium aerosol cans production. Teaming up with Unilever, Ball is likely to add to the sustainability quotient of aluminium aerosol cans by manufacturing recyclable and lightweight containers, with ReAl technology.

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Advanced Technology : Ball Corporation has become the first brand to debut in the incorporation of photorealistic printing technology in aerosol packaging. Ball’s Aerosol Packaging Division recently announced the company’s entry into this ‘unparalleled’ next-generation HD photorealistic printing technology on aluminium aerosol cans. The company explains that this technology allows printing over 3600 degrees, without digital printing. Though currently available only across North American, European, and Indian markets, the company is strategizing the release of these aluminium aerosol cans across the globe.

Aluminium Supply Agreements : Market players are also signing long-term supply agreements with leading aluminium producing brands. The proprietary aluminium alloy of Constellium N.V., the aluminium production giant, will be now supplied to Czech-based aluminium aerosol cans producer. The latter will dedicate this supply for Unilever’s Dove antiperspirants’ line.

Some of the prominent competitors actively operating in the global aluminium aerosol cans landscape, include TUBEX GmbH, Casablanca Industries Pvt. Ltd., Exal Corporation, Crown Holdings, Inc., Euro Asia Packaging (EAP), Ardagh Group S.A., Bharat Containers, and a few others. The report presents an extensive attempt of profiling a broad list of prominent players in the aluminium aerosol cans market – covering their key developmental strategies.

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