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Summary- During pregnancy you have to care about a lot of things. Mild fever is a common problem during pregnancy. So take care of your loved one by presenting them Santamedical Infrared Thermometer.

A minor cold or fever can become more significant heath issue when you are pregnant. During pregnancy you have to take extra precautions while taking medications for even a normal health problem. Numerous medications are strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies as it can be harmful for the unborn baby. But if in such condition you are get infected from viral fever or seasonal cold then what should you do? As untreated fever and flu can prompt many pregnancy complications such as birth defects, miscarriage or pre term labour. You can use various home remedies to cure your fever but if your fever is not controlled by home medicine then immediately contact to your doctor.

If you notice symptoms of fever or flu then regularly measure your temperature. Santamedical 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY-230 infrared thermometer can be a helpful tool to measure the body temperature. It can take your body temperature from the areas like tear ducts or forehead. It has been made with intuitive guidance system which will provide you accurate results in minimum possible time. Unlike mercury thermometer you need not to keep it in your mouth for a long time. It works very fast and enlightens the results on its bright display screen. Fever have tendency to spike suddenly so it’s very essential to keep a watch at the body temperature. This device is very simple to use so you will not have any difficulty in measuring the temperature for several times. Santamedical has empowered this device with various useful features. Let’s have a look at them.

• Santamedical infrared thermometer have capacity to record 32 temperature readings
• Bright LCD screen to show the results and ease the measuring in night time
• It works on 2AAA batteries
• Adjustable sound alert for high temperature
• Easy to use
• Provides 100% precise results in just fractions of seconds