3 January 2019 – The Global Dental Lights Market is expected to grow at a steady CAGR in the forthcoming period. Healthcare design have much evolved in the past two decades and the dental office design have changed much. Recent trends and discoveries such as novel ideas in dentistry, rise in innovation, use of ceramic materials and high tech dental equipment have enlightened the dental industry.

Even patients are demanding more suitable environment and dentists are more willing to deliver much beyond the rated capacity. On other hand, dentists have even begun to realize the importance of superior office design and dental office environments are now being well equipped incorporating awareness and sensitivity to patients projecting often more like a spa-atmosphere to encourage a sense of comfort and pleasure.


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Moreover, digital radiography leverages the dental office with a technology that offers quicker image acquisition, enhanced image reproduction, low X-Ray dosages, less environment impact and improved archival methods. Driving factors responsible for the growth of dental lights market include rise in dentistry profession and the demand for sophisticated dental office by patients. Also, the realization in dentists for a more sophisticated and viable form of dental procedures in a minimum time adds to the growth of market.

Based on segmentation by product, the dental lights market includes LED dental lights and halogen dental lights. Based on segmentation by end-user, the dental lights market includes dental clinic and hospital. Dental clinic and hospital accounts for a major share in the global market.

Geographically, dental lights market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Middle-East and Africa. North America leads the global market owing to innovative ways to construct dental offices and also rise in dentistry profession. Europe market is also growing due to rise in awareness and sensitiveness for patients. APAC regions are also expected to gain a positive CAGR growth owing to rise in dental cases and demand by patients for structured administration in dental offices. MEA regions are also expected to exhibit a positive growth in the forthcoming years. The key players in the dental lights market include A-dec, DentalEZ, Midmark Corporation, DARAY, Flight Dental Systems, 3M, NES Group and TPC Advanced Technology.


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Market Segment:

Key Applications

  • Hospital
  • Dental Clinic
  • Others

Key Regions

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa
  • South America