AppDupe is an app development company which has a decade of experience in clone app development. They have helped a vast number of start-ups who have forayed into the booming business of On-demand taxi service by providing them with a killer Uber clone app.

There are entrepreneurs having the same zeal and vision of Garrett Camp and want to own a business like Uber. However, A major trouble haunting them is the task of finding the right people who can aid them in developing an App like Uber. AppDupe has bailed out many entrepreneurs from such trouble by serving them with a perfect app that has been vital for their businesses.

Two things that are very essential for business before starting a business are the cost factor that it would involve and the impact the app would have on the customers. By offering a cost-effective app, AppDupe is making sure that their clients have made a great business decision by signing on the dotted line with them. They also offer customizations to make the app best suitable for the business to suit the demands of the customers.

In an on-demand Taxi business, apart from the customers, another indispensable contributor to the business are the taxi drivers. So keeping their day-to-day operations lucid, the business can fortify the happiness of the drivers which will, in turn, improve the magnitude of productivity from them. AppDupe’s Uber clone app has come with a dedicated app for the drivers which will include a powerful billing panel, availability toggle and other features thereby making sure the drivers have a great experience with the app.

Apart from the dedicated Driver app, they also provide separate panels for the dispatcher and the administrator. The former will help drivers while the latter will help the business draw the guidelines and have complete control over the operations. The Admin panel is the epicentre of any digital business. By providing a powerful admin panel in their Uber clone, AppDupe is warranting a strong core.

AppDupe is a company that is more inclined towards their clients and a single click from you will make them reach out to you.