A UK girl’s gift can take many forms, but unique and beautiful hair accessories are always a good choice. Whether her hair is long or short or somewhere in between, flowers, hairpins and combs are perfect girl’s presents or teen’s presents. Here’s some information about one-of-a-kind hair accessory designs that she’s sure to find irresistible.

Gorgeous Hair Flowers

It’s hard to go wrong with a teenage gift that embellishes any hair style. The most popular flower for these ornaments is the rose. You can choose from a large single rose or a tasteful cluster of smaller roses. What colour to choose? Ivory is always elegant and appropriate and can be worn with any colour dress, suit or outfit. Hair flowers are very versatile in that they can be affixed to a pin, hair grip or comb. For a traditional look, choose large attractive roses made from a real-looking foam material or a demure cluster of smaller roses ingeniously made from paper. Either way, you’ll get a beautiful vintage look. What a perfect teenage girl’s gift for that long-anticipated school dance!

Bridal hair Hairpins(http://www.cosyjewelry.com/wedding-bridal-hairpin-c-1_2/)

Another gift for a girl is a set of decorated hairpins. Wedding Hairpins(http://www.cosyjewelry.com/wedding-bridal-hairpin-c-1_2/) generally come in sets of 3 or 6, depending on size. They can be made from a variety of materials, although metal and plastic are the most durable and popular. Hairpins can be embellished with carved real shell, vibrant crystals in virtually any colour, freshwater or faux pearls. There are even floral hairpins that feature diminutive paper or silk flowers. Although hairpins are generally used to secure up-dos, many girls scatter them strategically through their hair in a purely decorative look. Elaborately finished hair pins may utilize organza or silk ribbon. Trendy, up-scale hairpins can be trimmed in leather. For weddings and special occasions, hairpins are often gold or silver plated. Another great look is hairpins ornamented with sparkling cubic zirconia stones or faux diamonds. Colourful glass beads are another favourite trim for hairpins. Because of their beauty and utility, decorated hairpins are great gifts for girls.


Combs are a hair accessory that date back to ancient Egypt, where they were found in numerous burials. The design of combs hasn’t changed in thousands of years, although the type of embellishment has. There’s no prettier gift for a UK girl than a comb encrusted with crystals and freshwater pearls. The most common type of comb in the modern era is made from plastic, although wood, metal and shell are also popular. As a teenager’s gift, a beautiful set of combs is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Hair accessories like flowers, hairpins and combs are a great idea for a teenage girl’s gift. Practically any girl in the UK is bound to be pleased by these glittering, embellished items.