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In a try to combat efforts to undermine the US presidential election in November, Facebook on Thursday took many steps it says will address concerns about election interference on its platform.

But Facebook will continue to allow politicians to run lies in ads through Election Day.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the corporate would not accept new political ads in the ultimate week of the 20twenty election campaign. The corporate will remove posts that claim that people will get Covid-19 if they participate in voting, and it can label misinformation concerning the election and voting. Facebook additionally said it will direct people to Reuters’ election results if candidates declare victory before final results are tallied.

However, Facebook (FB) will continue to permit campaigns to run ads bought before the ultimate week. Those ads will still run through Election Day. And Zuckerberg made no indication that Facebook would amend its policy of permitting politicians to lie in targeted ads, which means political candidates can be in a position to run false ads on the platform up till election day.
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