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(May 03, 2020): Elijah Ligue, a passionate upcoming rap, R&B and pop artist is soon to release more music with an aim to deeply connect with the listeners. Through the song, Elijah wishes his audience to show that they are not alone, irrespective of what they are feeling of. Been working his entire life in the pursuit of greater musical glory, the talented musician has been weaving creative lyrics and creating track instrumentals during the critical times of pandemic.

By being quarantined, he is making maximum utilization of the time and creating wonders with his words. He deeply focuses to connect with anyone who wants to lend an ear to his music. By dedicating an entire life of devotion to the art of production, musical writing and performance, Elijah Ligue wishes to entertain and soothe the mind of his listeners by coming up with more number of songs.

The journey of blackartists has never been easy however he intends to make the tables turn. Although a new artist of the present times, but he is confident of his musical creations to make the audience spellbound and connect them deeply with his words. Learning piano at just 8 years, Elijah loved reciting and playing piano on stage. Although had started out with a YouTube Channel, Elijah is overwhelmed with the positive response and wants to take the musical career further.

About Elijah Ligue:

Elijah Ligue is an upcoming rap, R&B and pop artist who hold an immense dedication for the art of production, musical writing and performance.

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