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India, (April 29, 2020): Nami Rai Parekh, a proud national level holder of silver and bronze medal is an inspiring fitness model not only for the fellow countrymen, but for the world. Her zest for bringing glory to the country is unmatchable as she dares to dream beyond the ordinary. The 28-year-old athlete has made the right incorporation of her talent and passion to make way for the world holder glory. Find more amout deadlifts

Spending her early years in Chattisgarh, Nami, realized the lack of opportunities available for her to train herself. However, she did not let the excuse come on her way, instead started making most of the opportunities available around her. Nami worked her soul out by practicing for endless hours in the field and kept the dream of being a world record holder alive in her.  In no time, the world witnessed her bagging prestigious silver and bronze medals in 100m hurdles and 100m relay events.

In December 2019, Parekh Won 2 Gold Medals along with 2 World Records representing India at the Full Powerlifting and Raw Deadlift Event at the AWPC World Cup in Moscow, Russia with the best deadlift of 172.5 kg which also went on to be a world record in the U56 women’s category. The Indian powerlifting stalwart also wishes to offer the best state-of-the-art facilities for the upcoming hurdlers in Chattisgarh. ‘I did not let excuses come up on my way and chased my dream no matter what. Fitness is a lifestyle and that’s what I want to teach everyone.’, as said by Nami Rai Parekh.

About Nami Rai Parekh

Nami Rai Parekh is a fitness model, a world record powerlifter and also a former National hurdler who offers an awe-inspiring story of becoming a world record holder and keeps hustling every single day to seek the greater glory.

Instagram Bio:

Former National Hurdler

2x Gold @ AWPC Worlds 2019

World Record in Deadlife (172.5kg) @WPC 2019 in U56