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We ask bullying once we mention situations supported the “inequality” between the aggressor and therefore the victim, during which a domain-submission relationship is established and that we can describe it as actions, or behaviors where one or more students insult, defame, they threaten, blackmail, spread rumors, hit, steal, break things, ignore or isolate others systematically and over time.

These acts produce in those that suffer feelings of helplessness and inferiority.To do this, a bullying expert proposes the subsequent tips to stop and detect bullying in time:

Get in-tuned with the varsity and inform them of the situation:

Schools are obliged to urge involved and take action. they need to also act in cases of cyberbullying albeit the harassment occurs outside the middle . you’ll request a gathering together with your child’s tutor to inform you about things .

They will implement a protocol of action during which they’re going to intervene: the tutor, guidance counselor of studies and direction, to guard your child to assist you, promote healthy social relations and equality, also on work with the scholar / who is harassing. If the harassment is happening through the New Technologies, there are specialized groups of the Police and Civil Guard who can attend report things .

Keep calm:

Talk to him/her about your worries and about your day-to-day life at college , supplying you with peace of mind. If we don’t act calmly, children don’t dare to inform their problems for fear of our reaction and to avoid distressing us, and thus we cannot help them.

Talk to your child about the way to solve their problems?

Give some samples of your difficulties and the way you’ve got managed to unravel them. With this, you’re demonstrating two important lessons: that we all have problems, that we aren’t alone which we’d like to inform it to seek out solutions.

Stay tuned for warning signs:

If your child is suffering bullying, it’s possible to avoid getting to class, is more nervous or withdrawn, has psychosomatic symptoms (gut pain, headaches, vomiting, insomnia, and etc.), his school supplies disappear frequently if he loses interest by studies or performance drops suddenly.

Promote your self-esteem:

The value of being unique and convey that their differences make it unique. Strive to form your child feel very valued and loved, to possess a healthy vision of himself/herself and accept their defects realistically.

If you’re one among the bullying victims, don’t hesitate to urge in-tuned with us on We are a cyberbullying expert to assist you!