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LED Post Top Light provide some excellent benefits for walkways, pathways, parking lots, swimming poor, garden requiring illumination.
Energy Savings
The wattage of our LED Post Top Lights can range from 30 Watts to 150 Watts, often resulting in a 70%-80% reduction in energy consumption.By using our 100W Outdoor Post Top Lights to replace 300W Metal Halide bulb for parking area lighting fixtures,the customer is now able to save a lot per month from his electric bill.

Maintenance Cost Reduction
Not only Led Post Top Fixtures made to last longer, but providing you with better lighting in the long haul, so you don’t have to replace it often. Post Top Lamps will be more efficient for you, providing steady result. The lift span is more than 5000hours.
Dark areas can act a magnet for criminals, apply the Led Post Top Lights to the parking lots to ensure no hiding spots for criminals, will make the parking lots safer for people who leave the office or shopping area in the mid night.