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Indian Institute of Finance hosted the 11th IIF Webinar series on “Essence of Life and Growth” by Mr. Jaishankar P.R., Executive Director, National Housing Bank, INDIA. The Webinar was moderated by Prof. Aman Agarwal, Professor of Finance & Dean (IR) Indian Institute of Finance ( and Executive Editor, Finance India ( The Webinar was attended by over 78 global participants from Swdwn, France, USA, Japan, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Abu Dabhi, Vietnam, India and others.

Mr. Jaishankar said that essence of life is about our own experience of life and how we use it for future decision making. Life is full of challenges and learning from those challenges. Growth is a scale to measure the success of journey of life. Opportunity comes from ability to use the time effectively. It is important to balance profitability and development to induce balanced approach to growth and happy living.We have to keep our spirits up and be optimistic in life. Mr. Jaishankar pointed out that India is in high spirits even during lockdown.

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind which come from discipline and individual satisfactions. Every crisis helps us to lead from the front and look at crisis scenarios as opportunities. After this pandemic, businesses would have to redesign their functions in such a way which are more efficient and cost effective. It would take 6 months for business in India to kick start and make a mark. The projections for year 2020-21 are psitive and in line with PM Modi’s dream of India to be five trillion dollar economy.

Speaking on Infrastructure, Mr. Jaishankar said housing is a key compoent for sustainable development. We need to take care of habitats along with proper roads, electricity, water supply, sanitation etc. It is important to develop proper balance for all. The trend of commoditization has already taken place. Housing sector is not doing well as an investment destination and should be taken as end use destination now. The challenges in housing sector are more in rural areas than urban areas. Mr. Jaishankar stressed that we should be sensible, joyable, adaptable and need to be healthy, optimistic and keep the spirits high all times to induce life and growth.

Large number of Questions from amongst 78 participants were asked by Prof. Dr. Junzo Watada (JAPAN & MALAYSIA); Dr. Deepa Joshi (India), Dr. Ghayathri Jayaraman (India), Dr. Velumani (India), Mr. Selva kumar Chinnakkalai (India), Mr. Arul Raga (India), Prof. Yamini Agarwal (IIFBS, India); and many others.

Indian Institute of Finance has initiated the interactive IIF Webinar Series on “Essence of Life and Growth” with the prime objective to bring forth positivity of life based on the life experiences one has gained over 3-4 decades of personal life experiences, professional life, the nation, the economy and the world at large, having seen different colours of life based on ups and downs one has witnessed.