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Evidently when a compliance program is designed to conform to a specific organization so that it can be supported by available resources it creates a practical approach to maintaining an effective compliance program. InfoComply offers the complete solution for CCPA Compliance. You can now reduce your risk and time to compliance with InfoComply, the best solution for CCPA compliance. The InfoComply platform has a complete set of features for both compliance management and data privacy management, scalable to handle changes to existing regulations and to manage new upcoming ones.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives consumers in that state added rights regarding their personal data. Businesses face various obligations in order to comply. There are businesses that are subject to CCPA. Businesses that handle personal data from more than 4 million consumers eventually may face additional obligations. Businesses need to notify consumers in advance of the personal data being collected.

InfoComply offers services for compliance that includes:

• Entity Based Regulation Governance, Privacy Policies Management

• Consumer Rights Management & Opt-Outs, Information Asset Management & Mapping Data Flows and Vendor and Privacy Assessment Automation

The spokesperson at InfoComply elaborates Entity-Based Regulation Governance saying, “Info Complies approach is based on scale and effectiveness of implementations. Our platform allows consideration of different regulations for each business entity, or selection and implementation of specific articles on a risk-based approach. Easy to audit, it provides evidence on the performance of regulations and suggestions for further improvement. Our software comes with a built-in regulation repository for CCPA as well as the capacity for future amendments.”

The mission at InfoComply is to leverage technology and innovative software to assist businesses in safely and securely collecting, storing, and processing data while reducing risk and increasing accountability.

InfoComply offers major services that consist of

• Information Compliance Management

• Privacy & Security Assessments

• Compliance Program Management

• Data Privacy Management

• Privacy Requests (SAR) Management

• Consent & Preferences

• Data Breach Incident Automation

• Data Flow & Records of Processing

About InfoComply:

InfoComply is a privacy company dedicated to helping their customers reduce the time to compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and other upcoming global regulations, empowering consumers and protecting brand reputation.



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