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Press Release from: we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH

The digital summit for production board members and plant managers in Europe.

Berlin, April 24, 2020

Smart Digital Factory, Industry 4.0, Lean, Agile Engineering, Digital Transformation, Automation, MES, Robotics to Cognitive Manufacturing & much more. ScaleUp 360° Smart Manufacturing Europe will give you the chance to engage over 2 days with over 250 production board members and plant managers online. Our digital event provides you with precise insights into urrent projects, latest developments, innovative technologies and trends in the field of Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management and Industry 4.0 in traditional manufacturing.

As a partner of ScaleUp 360° Smart Manufacturing Europe, you will present your services to over 250 decision makers with budget responsibility – directly from your desk. Use the innovative webinar format for live demonstrations or case studies to present your expertise to an exclusive community of business stakeholders. Join ScaleUp 360° as a partner to explore specific market verticals, market your products, gain new leads and promote your brand to your target audience.

The digital event ScaleUp 360° Smart Manufacturing Europe will take place on November 10-11, 2020 with over 250 Industry 4.0 decision-makers experts joining 12 webinars over 2 days – directly from their desks.

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ScaleUp 360° Smart Manufacturing Europe – Key Topics:
-Smart Digital Factory & Industry 4.0: What does the intelligent, networked and data-optimized factory look like and what are the potentials of AI, Big Data, Cloud, Enterprise Mobility?
-Smart Manufacturing Management: What new management approaches are there in the area of production optimization & production efficiency and what scenarios, prerequisites and business models are necessary for Smart Manufacturing?
-Implementation of LEAN in Industry 4.0: What does this initiative mean for Lean? Does it replace Lean? Does it make Lean superfluous? What does integration look like?
-Agile Engineering & Digital Transformation: Which new Lean & Operational Excellence methods are useful and how can they be made agile?
-Additive manufacturing processes: How can productivity be increased using current equipment?
-Automation, MES & Robotics: How can MES, Big Data and Cloud Computing meet the requirements of future networked manufacturing processes?
-Plant Asset & Maintenance Management: How can plants be operated in a flexible, time-oriented and agile way to increase productivity?
-Workforce Development & Leadership: How does the change in work manifest itself and how can new work organizations be implemented in the age of automation, CIP & digitalization?
-Cognitive Manufacturing: What does the use of Machine Learning & Computer Vision mean in production environments and what are current use cases?
-The control of technical risks: How do you get your IT infrastructure, standardization, cyber security & automation into one line?

How do our ScaleUp 360° events work?
Watch our video now to find out how to get involved. Participants can sign up for free to join the webinars for free. Our partners can connect with a large community and present their product portfolio in an informal setting in front of hundreds of experts and decision makers.

About we.CONECT:
we.CONECT Global Leaders is a leading business information company, developing and providing virtual business conferences, senior level B2B live events, digital business communities & supporting event technology at the interface between real live business, digital transformation & future technologies & challenges.

SCALEUP 360° brings together established industry experts, global thought leaders and senior executives from the world”s leading intelligent businesses to digital gatherings packed with cutting-edge webinars, presentations and networking opportunities. Interact with fellow attendees, chat to presenters and take home valuable resources without leaving your desk. Find out more about our 100+ online events focusing on automotive, manufacturing, IT & DevOps, IoT, finance & legal, marketing & communication topics:

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