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(April 24th, 2020): I AM TRACEY KNIGHT (, a leading organizational culture solution to host a free game day virtual seminar on April 28th, 2020, from 11.30 am to 11.45 am. THE PRESENT SITUATION DUE TO COVID-19 has made it difficult for several individuals to adapt to the changing times and keep the business running. The seminar will be introduced with an effort to boost morale, improve communication and help organizations work as a team. With the help of the seminar, organizations and employees will be able to gain an increased clarity, encouragement and embrace the work-life balance back. The seminar will further teach individuals to encourage teamwork by sharing knowledge about team building, thus promoting teamwork.

Tracey Knight uses her expertise and knowledge to train leaders on how to embrace work-life balance and improve company culture. The virtual conference will be held to boost the morale of employees and develop core strategies to reduce stress and encourage productivity. Interested individuals can register and attend the conference for free. ‘Tracey is looking forward to helping you keep your team engaged and implement a proper work-life balance in your company. Click on the link here to enroll yourself and company leaders for the seminar. Learn more about our training site by visiting’.

I AM TRACEY KNIGHT offers resourceful training to help corporations create and support success teams through several organizational masteries.

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