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If you are looking for the Great Gatsby dancers who can entertain your guests with a vintage touch, you sure need to check out with the Swing Patrol dance troupe. Yes, Swing Patrol is one dance troupe in London who are dedicated in promoting the yesteryear Swing Dance style and all this Great Gatsby, Blitz or Gangster themes come under this umbrella. As many are not familiar with this dancing style Swing Patrol is offering swing dance classes to the enthusiasts who can learn this dancing style and also perform at different events and the dance floors. Those who are interested in learning this dancing style can join the classes offered at different levels from the beginners to the experts to further hone their skills. This dance is no doubt offers great fun with the energetic and versatile moves and also works out to be an effective cardio exercise for one to maintain their fitness.

You can find the best swing dancers from Swing Patrol that offers a variety of packages for you hire the Great Gatsby Party entertainment dancers to perform at your events. You can hire the dancers to perform at different events like team building events who with their fun and friendly dance classes encourage the teams to learn new skills and enhance their creativity mingling with others and breaking the ice. Similarly, you can also hire their customized services suitable for your corporate events, office parties, award ceremonies, product launches and other occasions who surely add lot of fun and unique entertainment with their vintage dancing style. You can also avail their services to conduct workshops at schools so that children can be introduced to this dancing style at an early age.

If you choose the grand slam package the Swing Patrol shall offer you assistance right from choosing the best venue to arranging a mini bar, DJ services, MC services, hair and makeup artist, photo booth etc so that you can relax and enjoy the party along with your guests while they take care of making your party a grand success with ultimate entertainment. As you hire the Great Gatsby Dancers they shall come up in full vintage costumers and perform to the theme music and other DJ tunes. They also teach the guests a few beginner steps so that they too can try their dancing skills on the floor and actively participate in the party. You can share your celebrations directly from the venue with the rest of the world through the photo booth.

Swingpatrol offer a range of swing dance entertainment packages for Great Gatsby and Blitz party entertainment to create unique corporate events designed to suit you and your guests @

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