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We love to express ourselves – whether it is through speech, gestures or our actions – and this also explains our love for the world of social media. It allows us to not just voice ourselves, but also express ourselves through tools such as emojis. When combined with video format, these emojis and stickers enhance the communication output to another level, making it engaging as even more entertaining. With the strong drive to express ourselves to entertain, we were quick to adopt new-age social media platforms such as Likee.

This app by Singapore based BIGO Technology combines video communication with other interesting elements such as AR stickers, allowing creators with infinite options to showcase themselves and their talent. With Likee’s range of stickers, users could be anything they want. In the same light, let us take a look at some of the AR stickers that are immensely popular among Likers:

The face mask sticker: With the outbreak of COVID-19, wearing a face mask is seen as an effective preventive measure. This Likee sticker supports your face with a sturdy, life-like face mask. The user appears to be surrounded by the deadly virus, but they fail in causing any harm because of the protection given by the virtual mask. This filter has become popular since many influencers have taken the responsibility to spread awareness on COVID-19, and elements such as face mask add some weight to the message being conveyed.

Ramzaan moon sticker: The crescent moon holds great importance during Ramzaan. People in general and artists have over the time glorified the Ramzaan moon with intricate and fascinating designs. Likee’s Ramzaan sticker is no different. Shiny, golden crescent moon with lanterns swaying slightly in the wind and the glitter all over, makes this sticker magical. This is a special offering for those who would observe the holy fast during Ramzaan starting this Friday in India.

Funky hair stickers: Experimenting with hair is such a youth thing. If you have been meaning to try on some electric hair colour but holding back for some reason, then go on Likee to try some hair colour. It is fun to see oneself with crazy hair colours. This might even help you gather reaction of your friends before you go ahead with actual hair colouring.
While most of the stickers are “tap and apply”, some of the Likee stickers go beyond the simple video placement.

As you dig deeper into the treasure of Likee stickers, you will find many stickers that can be triggered with help from hand or facial gestures. These motion-sensitive stickers further add fun to the whole process of making a video. And for viewers too, it is no less than watching a magic show! Some motion-sensitive stickers we thought were really cool are:

DIY burger sticker: The world was once addicted to the fruit ninja game. The fruits would drop from the top of the screen and users will have to cut it into pieces before it reached to the bottom of the screen. So, how about making a burger the same way? DIY burger sticker captures the hand gestures to throw the items on your burger base and in the end, you have a tempting extra-large burger for yourself.

The question mark sticker: This cute sticker by Likee makes the users a part of the cartoon world, with questions marks popping up all over the screen to showcase the deep thoughts the creator may be going through. However, these marks don’t appear randomly but is guided by the eye-blink motion of the creator. Blink fast for more questions marks on the screen.