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If you are ready for the World Cup season or just want to hang out with your friends together and watch the champions play in front of you, it’s always good to identify where to go when you consider watching some sport in Melbourne.

Sports bars permit clients to watch events that are not available on regular cable. In an attempt to pull potential customers, many bars today are converting themselves in a sporting environment. This allows the customers to watch the latest matches on big screen TVs. Sporting events typically require high definition screen channels and in order to detain all of the quick action, sports bar is the best place to get in. There are some sports bars in the city where 3D sports are offered and an individual can contribute to this practice for a fraction of the price.

To enjoy the NBA playoffs and Champions league or AFT, Sports Bar is the best place to select. Here, you can order plenty of beer and tasty food. Chip’s Loft is the preferred choice if you’re looking for the classy style ambience with a lavishness private spot to enjoy on a Saturday night. It is a neighbourhood sports bar located at the gorgeous spot in Melbourne.

Chip’s Loft is the most selected party place to squander quality occasion with friends or a group of friends watching sports together. Hit Up Chip’s to make your particular moment treasured. Also, at the Chip’s Loft you can throw a blasting gathering at the decided date to relax & enjoy your time. Chip’s team will take the responsibility to make your party heart-winning! Around 130 people can enjoy dinner at a time with private function spaces at this Melbourne’s favorite sports bar.

About Chip’s Loft

Chip is one of the popular places that give tremendous experience to watch the Champions League, AFL or NBA playoffs. You can enjoy delicious cocktails and a variety of coffee together with your favorite American Diner food.

For more information about best sports bars in Melbourne, or to throw a party at this venue visit the website at

Address- 116a Hopkins Street, Footscray 3011