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Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates (March 26, 2019) Mr. Khaled Al Badie has worked at multiple core positions in the banking industry, and more specifically in the Abu Dhabi National Bank. He has worked as the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Head of Asset Management Group, and Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division.

Today the Al Badie group is delivering successful projects in the banking sector under its Vice President who is currently working as the Managing Director of the North Trading Establishment- ABG, Chief Financial Officer- ABG, and holding many other important positions.

The VP of ABG said, “As far as the banking sector is concerned, we work with the motive of delivering highly credible and top class services that enriches and empowers this field and strengthens the economy of the country as a whole.”

About the company:
ABG is a business conglomeration of the Al Badie family. Based in Abu Dhabi, ABG has rendered top-notch services over 45 years in the sectors of Banking, IT, Travel and Tourism, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health Care, Real Estate, Defense, Marine, Oil & Gas, Water & Electricity, and Auto Leasing & Rental.

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