The Yogable App is now available on iPhone & iPad for customers looking to revolutionize their yoga practice.

The Yogable release marks Alex Diehl’s first app, a culmination of his five years and thousands of hours of teaching. Alex says, “During COVID, I’ve become aware that the need for personalized, private yoga is greater than ever. However, that’s expensive for the students & exhausting for the instructors. I’ve developed a new methodology behind the approach to online yoga that is more affordable for the students, and am excited about all the positive change that can be sparked by sharing these tools with the world.”

He continued to say…

“I firmly believe that the moment your yoga practice becomes personally transformative is when you are no longer just blindly following your instructor’s directions, but when you understand enough about your own inner workings & enough about how yoga works to be able to give yourself exactly what you need in any moment. My new app, Yogable, gives everybody the tools to do this no matter how much or little time they’ve spent on their mat, and I’m so excited to share this new approach to digital yoga with the world!”

For example, it features “Class Wizard”. Alex Diehl said “This was important because this is the easiest of the three class customization methods. With the Class Wizard, you just answer a few simple questions and Yogable will create a customized class to suit your needs. . This will be great news for our users because now you can personalize your yoga experience even if you don’t have any prior yoga knowledge! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.”

Yogable also has a Guided Creation method. This was included as a bridge between the Class Wizard & the Manual Selection features. With this you can start to learn what to look for when building your own class, which gives you a bit more freedom. Now the student can really start to develop an understanding of what Yogable is doing behind the scenes when it is creating a class with the Wizard. It expands their knowledge of the rationale behind the organization of a yoga sequence so they can start to take even more control.

One final customization method, the new Yoga App also offers Manual Selection – Developers decided this was critical to the final product because this method gives the user free reign while creating their yoga classes. They can now play with class length, reorder segments, etc. mixing and matching to their heart’s content. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as once they fully understand how Yogable works, they can take complete control of their class customization, empowering them to get the most out of their yoga practice in any given moment.

Yogable is available to download for free with limited content, or you can get full access for $6.99/mo or $49.99/yr at:

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