Yakka, Inc. Announces New Book and Website: “Happier Parenting”

In Happier Parenting, author Ben Yau shares with you his simple steps to develop more parenting confidence and ultimately more joy in everything that entails being a parent in today’s world. Along the way, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll have AHA moments. Join Ben, and journey together to Happier Parenting. Don’t forget to laugh and have fun along the way!

Yakka, Inc. is proud to announce the publishing of the book “Happier Parenting: Smiling and Thriving While in the Trenches of Parenting” by award-winning author Ben Yau. Yakka, Inc. is also proud to announce the launch of the companion website Happier Parenting for pre-orders of his new book. The purpose of Happier Parenting is to give parents simple steps to develop more parenting confidence and ultimately more joy in everything that entails being a parent in today’s world.

Ben Yau, of Yakka, Inc., is a multi-talented writer, engineer, and father of three. His mission in life is to help parents and families live happier and fuller lives. New York Times Bestselling author Raymond Aaron writes in the foreword of Happier Parenting: “I do not think I have ever come across an individual like Ben. He is a senior computer engineer. He is also an internationally known dance choreographer and champion. He is an incredibly kind person, a dedicated husband, and a wonderful father. What I like most about Ben is he is a caring and passionate teacher and coach, with an undeniably caring soul.”

Yau comments how the role of today’s parents is quite challenging. Over the years parenting has continued to become more complex, and parents are becoming more active in their children’s lives. Yau himself admits that he suffered through stress and frustration to the point of exhaustion because of his lack of confidence in himself as a parent.

“It has been the ultimate growth experience for me,” Yau notes. “I can happily say that I am now a happier person and a happier parent. I am so pleased now to have published this book and hope that by sharing my stories, other parents will find them both educational and entertaining and help them on their own journeys.”

Since he started writing his book, many experts and readers agree that Yau paints colorful yet practical tales in his book. “This book is filled with heartfelt, humorous, and relatable stories from a real parent, “ notes Anna Seewald, keynote speaker and host of the Authentic Parenting podcast, “This book will be a practical companion for any busy parent.” Yau continues to look forward to utilizing his book and companion website as a useful and fun resource for parents as they continue their own voyage to Happier Parenting.

For more details, visit https://happierparentingbook.com/