Steven Woods Breaks into the Supernatural Fiction Genre With “Bo’s Ace”

This is the first published novel by Steven Alan Woods.

Steven Woods completed writing Bo’s Ace, his first book, in 2004 after one and one-half years of labor – but delayed publication for 15 years until he was forced into retirement from his career as a credit manager. Woods took the money from his retirement package to finally self-publish Bo’s Ace in 2019 through the self-publishing house FolioAvenue.


“The reason why I haven’t published it until just recently is because God proved to me that I wasn’t ready to publish the book when I completed it so many years ago,” said Woods.


Bo’s Ace tells the story of Bo Bozell, a high school sophomore and wrestling champion who is hearing impaired, and Ace, a bullmastiff dog who can transport itself from place to place on the planet. Ace is obviously sent by God and helps Bo and other characters in the book.


On his website, the author said, “Bo’s Ace is intended to demonstrate that, once you pass through the door of light and understanding, your creative abilities are greatly enhanced, not diminished. The creative part of your brain will literally explode with new ideas, to the point that it will make your hair stand up on the back of your necks.


“You will immediately be overwhelmed with the clear realization that you have never ever felt this way before in your life, until now.”


In a video, Woods also said, “The main premise of the book is to demonstrate how profoundly a person’s life changes and how they totally become a totally different person if they believe beyond doubt that God exists.”


To purchase a copy of Bo’s Ace as well as to learn more about Steven Woods’ beliefs, make sure to visit his website at The book is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Make sure to check out the public exhibit of Bo’s Ace at the L.A. Times Festival of Books on April 23-24, 2022 at the University of Southern California Campus.


Bo’s Ace

Author | Steven Woods

Published date | September 20, 2019

Publisher | FolioAvenue

Book retail price | $9.99


Author Bio


He recently retired from the finance department of a major Midwestern newspaper, having a long career in credit management. The story of Bo’s Ace was actually written over fifteen years ago. A long succession of supernatural events occurring throughout the author’s life strongly supports his belief that the story was truly inspired by God, so he waited until God made it clear to him that it was time to share it with the rest of the world. Steven currently lives in Inkster, Michigan.