Hunters Woods at Trails Edge Recognizes Civic Leadership Award Winners

Curtis Olson Civic Leadership Award

Curtis Olson Civic Leadership Award

RESTON, Va.July 7, 2023PRLog — The Hunters Woods at Trails Edge most recent Civic Leadership Award winners have shaped their community for the better.

These five civic-minded individuals’ diverse contributions made the senior living community a more vibrant place. The Civic Leadership Award winners stood out, whether participating in a writing group, a book club, or serving on the safety committee or resident council, or literally being part of the welcoming committee.

The second-quarter honorees include: Curtis Olson; Trudi Sommerfield; Virginia Johnson; Rachel Liese; and Lila Hall.

“These five Civic Leadership Award winners set a great example for the residents and team members throughout our community,” said Larry Rouvelas, CEO of IntegraCare, which operates Hunters Woods at Trails Edge. “This award program spotlights the efforts of those who work so hard to improve the lives of their fellow residents.”

“Hunters Woods at Trails Edge is a place where civic-minded individuals who previously dedicated themselves to the betterment of their hometowns and communities continue to be involved in making a difference in their ‘new’ community,” Rouvelas said. “These same people volunteered at churches, PTAs, food pantries or political parties. They coached youth sports or tutored young students. Those ideals remain an integral part of who they are, and we are grateful as they apply these same principles and work ethics in our community.”

Hunters Woods at Trails Edge Executive Operations Officer William Adjei said the Civic Leadership Award winners’ efforts have been both practical and inspirational.

“Our community and our residents appreciate the hard work and commitment these award winners have made,” Adjei said. “They’ve truly made a difference.”

The winners were nominated by their fellow residents who discussed the merits of their leadership. The second-quarter Civic Leadership Award winners at Hunters Woods at Trails Edge are:

  • Curtis Olson, who was recognized for his warm personality, accompanied by a no-nonsense approach toward improving dining services and safety measures, as well as starting the SCRIBBLERS writing group. “He listens to everyone and is very democratic during the proceedings at our board meetings,” according to the nomination form submitted by a fellow resident.
  • Trudi Sommerfield, an active member of the Book Club who takes responsibility for book selection, regularly polling members about their preferences. She reserves and picks up the Reston Library book kit. “In short, she is one of the members who keeps the Book Club supplied with books. She is the cement that holds this successful Book Club together,” her neighbor said. “She offers to any resident a ride in her car to an important destination. She is incredibly generous.”
  • Virginia Johnson, who took the Safety Committee to a new and highly effective level, including an improved safe fire alarm and evacuation system. “Virginia personally provided yellow vests and flags for Independent Living residents to wear when crossing Colts Neck Road to the Hunters Woods shopping center and she is working to improve signage on the walking trail near the building,” another resident observed. “She also created and leads the weekly Bible study group.”
  • Rachel Liese, who has been an active member of the Resident Council. “Her friendly demeanor makes it easy for people to approach her,” a fellow resident notes. “She doesn’t hesitate to help whenever needed whether it is a ride to a doctor’s appointment or make some errands. She is a leader and she doesn’t hesitate to speak up when there are concerns or things that had to be addressed. She is also good in welcoming new residents and getting to know them in a deeper level to help them get acquainted with the new place.”
  • Lila Hall, who has excelled in her role on the welcoming committee. “Her dedication to making newcomers feel at home is remarkable,” according to her nominator. “Her energy is more than admirable. It is warm and inviting. She listens to newcomers’ needs and acts on them right away. She lights up the dining room and the meetings with her vivacity and straight forward approach.”


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Steven Woods Breaks into the Supernatural Fiction Genre With “Bo’s Ace”

This is the first published novel by Steven Alan Woods.

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Author Bio


He recently retired from the finance department of a major Midwestern newspaper, having a long career in credit management. The story of Bo’s Ace was actually written over fifteen years ago. A long succession of supernatural events occurring throughout the author’s life strongly supports his belief that the story was truly inspired by God, so he waited until God made it clear to him that it was time to share it with the rest of the world. Steven currently lives in Inkster, Michigan.