The Wizard of Loch Haven Park: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Musical Performance

Chase & Felix team up again at Fringe for another audience immersive musical.

Director, Jodi Chase and composer, Nathan Felix are teaming up to present another immersive music performance at Fringe Orlando starting May 18th and running through May 31st. ”The Wizard of Loch Haven Park” is an audience participation and choose-your-own-adventure musical performance. Felix took Fringe by storm in 2019 with their “silent” headphone musical, Fury in Sound: Séance, winning best musical and best original score.

The Wizard of Loch Haven Park, pays homage to the Wizard of Oz and the iconic 1980’s books where each story was written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character’s actions and the plot’s outcome. Expect the unexpected and expect to be immersed with the performers. The audience will be given agency in determining how the performance unveils itself.

Chase and Felix refrain from tipping their hand for the synopsis for “The Wizard of Loch Haven Park,” but on Fringe’s website they tease you with the following; “A cast of singers and actors lead an audience on an unforgettable journey through Loch Haven park where the audience help “choose” the fate of the characters… and their own…” The cast includes 14 local actors and singers and all shows are 40 minutes and change location throughout Loch Haven Park based on decisions made by the audience.

What: The Wizard of Loch Haven Park – A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure musical
Where: Loch Haven Park – 777 E. Princeton St (at the white all at the south end of the Shakes)
Who: Director, Jodi Chase and Composer, Nathan Felix
Wed May 19 6pm
Thurs May 20 6pm
Thur May 20 8pm
Fri May 21 6pm
FRI May 218pm
Sat May 22 6pm
Sat May 22 8pm
Sun May 23 12pm
Sun May 23 6pm
Wed May 26 6pm
Thur May 27 6pm
Thur May 27 8pm
Fri May 28 6pm
Fri May 28 8pm
Sat May 29 6pm
Sat May 29 8pm
Sun May 30 12pm
Sun May 30 5pm