In the Relaunch of his Book, Within Oneself, Author and Entrepreneur Athanasios (Chris) Karamesines Provokes Thoughts and Inspires Souls.


By design, Within Oneself is a fast but rich read: a well-thought-out book that has the power to change the thinking of everyone who takes the time to read and comprehend its contents.


Karamesines provided a thought-provoking masterpiece by amalgamating current challenges and practical lessons that will help the reader manage life and its dimensions. He is able to skillfully combine literal and scriptural pearls of wisdom to deliver liberating truths. Throughout the book, there are notable excerpts that will resonate with readers. Lines such as, “People are placed into this world not as a finality—but as a possibility.”, “To see life as you might make it, you must go alone into the mountains of spiritual thought as Christ went alone into the Garden, leaving the world to get the strength to live in the world.” and, “Dreams can be compelling. You can have them come true exactly as you dream, and they can be good. But the realization is rarely as good as the dream itself.”


Karamesines’ creativity is laudable, and he conveyed his point in a non-condescending manner. Rather, he keeps a positive tone throughout the book and compels the reader to absorb and ponder the message he imparts.


At the pinnacle of success, Karamesines earnestly lives by the same principles he transcribed in the book. He is the epitome and the reflection of his own work.


Renew the mind, heart, and soul. Get your copy.


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Within Oneself

Author: Athanasios (Chris) Karamesines

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: October 2021

Book Genre: Self-help


About the Author:

Athanasios (Chris) Karamesines was born in Chicago, and from an early age he developed an innate sense of understanding the human spirit. Chris is self-taught in almost everything he has accomplished, and has traveled extensively throughout the world.

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Jeff Hainbuch was born in the United States, but has lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada. In pursuit of shaping young lives and making a difference, he dedicated the first twenty-five years of his career to teaching in some of the most challenging neighbourhoods and environments. In 2020, as twists in the road led to unexpected places and opportunities arose for a new career filled with spirituality and ink, Jeff turned his attention to the dream of writing his first novel. ‘The Poet’, a narrative fiction, was birthed in a changing world, and teaches a belief that perhaps we all have a guardian angel and that finding a little bit of magic along the way makes all the difference when navigating the challenges of living an examined life. Now an accredited Chopra meditation instructor and huge supporter of mindfulness and self-care, Jeff is planning his second book, and continues to pursue his ultimate roles of passion as motorcycle rider and father to three wonderful boys.