Willa Boykin Brings a Fresh Perspective to Every Reader in Her Book, Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment


Willa is the owner and founder of the Epiphany-Love company. Epiphany-Love provides practical skills that help clients live a life of pure wisdom, complete tranquility, and harmony. Willa is a divorced mother of three children, two of whom were born with special needs.

“Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment” and “Sickle Cell Anemia Challenges: Courage to Face Adversity” are two of her books. The first book motivates readers into creating a pathway toward their aspirations, and the second book details her experiences as a mother, caregiver, and mentor to two children who were born with sickle cell anemia. It also teaches essential lessons on how to live a balanced and wise existence.

In “Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment,” Willa writes: “Proven results with a guarantee for a positive attitude and to restore your confidence. First, Choose to Stop Blaming Others. Second, Choose to Stop Holding Others Hostage with No Forgiveness. Third, Choose to Stop Verbal and Physical Fighting. Anger does not solve disputes. Relieve stress by mere adjustments in your attitude and workload.”

Training, studying, learning, and being patient will help achieve mastery toward improving your lifestyle—a lifestyle that includes spiritual, physical, and social wellness. “Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment” is an excellent guide toward achieving these things. With her academic and personal experiences, Willa can create a process that streamlines growth in all aspects of life. Her book is helpful to students. She opens her book with a practical guide on getting out of student loans and jobs that will help explore options in place for students.

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“Wisdom for Intrinsic Fulfillment”

Author: Willa R. Boykin

Publisher: Epiphany Love

Published Date: July 17, 2009

Book Genre: Education & Teaching › Schools & Teaching

About the Author:

Willa R. Boykin is known for her love of family, extended family, friends, co-workers, her country and planet Earth. She shares a special bond in her heart for children and a special smile for those who will receive. No one has said that life would be easy and no one has control over the bio-family you were born into. Life is about the choices we make and many times we are given a second chance for corrections. She dreams and vision ways to improve her self, surroundings and exposure. An imagist who visions signs and street corners, bill boards on the highway that says, “Yes you can do that.” If you ask her specifically she will try to give a truthful answer. She does not always share her opinions on all subject matters because she feels the pain and difficulty it imposes on others to be right and sometimes wrong. We have been given a lovely planet to nurture, enjoy its natural wonders and sea world. What more could we ask for?