Justin Widener Shares Inspirational Poetry That Leaves Readers an Awakening Lesson

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About the Author:


Justin Widener, at the age of 9, suffered a really bad accident when he was hit by a car. He was in a coma for two weeks but came out of it and left the hospital a little over a month later. After High School, he joined the Iowa Army National Guard, where he served for six and a half years. He started to suffer from seizures while in the military. He was released from the military because of them, and a little over a year later, he went to the doctor and found out he was miraculously cured. After that, he went on to become an emergency medical technician with the local ambulance.

Justin moved to Denver, Colorado, and served as an EMT out there. He had gone on to paramedic school but faced another struggle when he tore his rotator cuff and couldn’t finish. Not long after that, he became homeless for 2 years. But he did not let that get him down. He had always known there was a certain purpose for his life. But he was not sure what it was. He had gone through several jobs but he always kept his eyes on the Lord. That is until one day at church when he met his wife and that is when his future began. For the next four years, they went on to have four beautiful children. Many years before he had written a poem for his hometown.52 poems were included in his book, working on a second edition to the first book inspired by the calling from God.