A Fun and Wholesome Story of a Girl will Teach us the Joy in Giving and Fully Trusting God

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (New King James Version)
When is the ideal time to build a foundation of faith? Is it during someone’s adolescent period? Will it be better to build it once a person has finished their studies? What about when they already have a job? These options look ideal, but faith and utmost trust towards God should be built during the early stages of a person’s life. We might think that faith and our relationship with God can get in the way of our worldly plans; however, a story built upon a family who had completely put their trust in God will prove otherwise.
Join the Womacks as they build their princess’ perspective towards God’s faithfulness in Irma J. Thames’ book, “A Journey from Naomi: Faith, Patient, and Development.”
The book is a wholesome story about a little girl’s journey towards knowing God and the entirety of His love. Naomi Womack is blessed with parents who are well-founded in the Christian faith. The story follows her as she progressed into becoming a child who reflects the love of Jesus wherever she goes. From moving to a different state to learning the joy of giving, Naomi wears the banner of Jesus wherever she goes.
This story presents a holistic development for a child. It will empower faith in them as well as instill the virtue of obedience towards parents. The book also brings the ideals of a family built in a firm foundation where love and giving are visible. The Womacks epitomizes oneness and unity that can only be found within the premise of God’s love. Indeed, the book is perfect for every child and parent. It will cultivate love, faith, and learning as well. It presents a story in simplistic words that are conducive to learning.
Grab a copy now and introduce Jesus through the eyes of Naomi.
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A Journey for Naomi: Faith, Patient & Development
Author: Irma J. Thames
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: February 2021
Genre: Children’s Book Christian Based
Target Audience: Young children, teens and young adults
About the Author
Irma J. Thames is a native of Alabama; she is a wife, mother and grandmother. She believes that the love of a natural and spiritual family will help guide a young child at an early age through life journey. She hopes as this book is read, children all over the world will use their incredible imagination that God has given them to see this story unfold without pictures on a page.