Gold vs Bitcoin: Which 401K Investment Plan Is Best For Your IRA?

Park Avenue, NYC, 10 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Gold and Bitcoin are currently two of the most recommended investments. Since the crypto market is growing rapidly, there is currently more room and possible volatility. As of this time of writing, Gold is worth $1,803 per ounce, while Bitcoin sits at $32,699. Which is the best investment for your IRA?

Gold or Bitcoin

Given the recent downturn in our Stock Market, there has been much discussion about alternative investments. Quite frankly, most people are afraid of a probable recession because of the US-China Trade War. Currently, these two assets are the most popular.

But, which is the best investment, gold or bitcoin? Some people might think that this is an obvious choice. Bitcoin has just been recently introduced while Gold has been here for a long time. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook it simply because it is new.


For a long time now, people have been looking to get their hands on this precious metal. Most people tend to rush to precious metals like gold, during times of economic downturns, because it has often been regarded as a safe investment. Although gold has experienced some setbacks, it has gone up since the beginning of this century. So, does this make it the best investment?

As aforementioned, gold is around eighteen times cheaper to buy. That leads us to stability. When searching the price of Bitcoin vs. Gold, you’ll notice which is the more stable asset. The overall picture clearly shows that gold is better at preserving its value.

Just like cash, gold is as liquid as an asset could be. That means that you can convert some of your gold stashes into real money whenever you need it. Other investments will not allow you this option.


If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, you should never mistake it for a physical coin. And although the name might suggest so, Bitcoin is actually a form of digital currency (cryptocurrency). It’s not controlled or backed by any government. It actually uses a blockchain as a ledger to keep a record of every transaction made.

So, what are some of the advantages and setbacks of investing in Bitcoin? Although mining of gold continues, there is a limited amount of Bitcoin available. That means that all the Bitcoin will be unlocked in a few years to come.

In terms of growth, Bitcoin’s growth potential outweighs that of gold. As previously stated, gold will preserve its value and may rise a bit. Nonetheless, Bitcoin generally has the potential to out-gain its counterpart in the long run.

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the more volatile option. Although most people would think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here for a long time, nobody really knows for certain. And although blockchain technology has broader aspects, it is yet to be seen whether digital currencies will make it to our mainstream.

Using a Self-Directed Retirement Account

You must already know that your retirement funds can help you to invest in Bitcoin or gold. Self-directing your 401 (k) plan or IRA can allow you to invest in anything you feel like. Ensuring that it is IRS-approved is the only caveat you’ll have. Most cryptocurrencies and precious metals like gold are allowable investments.

For self-employed people, a Solo 401 (k) is the best choice for alternative investing. The rest can use a Self-Directed IRA. Although these plans generally work like their regular counterparts, you will no longer be limited in the kinds of investments that conventional financial institutions provide, such as bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.

More importantly, investing in Bitcoin or gold using your retirement funds is a worthwhile investment since all your gains will be tax-exempted. Traditional accounts provide tax deferral, whereas Roth options enable tax-free distributions.

Gold vs. Bitcoin: Which Investment Plan Is Best for Your IRA?

The answer to this entirely depends on your financial goals, as well as preference. Gold and other precious metals will always preserve their value. And, although they can make profits, their value will never increase drastically. Nonetheless, gold is generally regarded as a safer investment. Meanwhile, its counterpart has the potential for significant gains. However, it also has a great risk for it lose much of its current value.

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