A New Age of Cyber Warfare Motivates the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Training

 World of Haiku turns learning into a game to attract tomorrow’s gamers to a career in cybersecurity.

The rush is underway to digitally transform our society which leaves companies, educational institutes, hospitals, governments and individuals, vulnerable to hackers. According to the Center For Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), the past 60 months have seen more than 300 significant cyber incidents worldwide. These incidents amount to cyber attacks on government agencies, defense departments, high tech companies and economic crimes with individual losses of more than one million dollars.

The recent Cost of a Data Breach Report, produced by IBM, reported that in 2021, data breaches and cybersecurity attacks on average cost companies $4.24 million per breach, a 10% increase over the previous year. Some of these attacks have caused regional power outages or exposure of government secrets and all have led to the erosion of public trust, leaving governments around the world to work overtime to try and minimize breaches in their systems.

Cybersecurity attacks can threaten governments, companies and individuals alike which is driving the need for skilled people to fill the projected 3.5 million job gap in cybersecurity by 2025.

World of Haiku believes they have the answer. World of Haiku is a role-playing game (RPG) where you can compete against other hackers in a video game environment while learning the key techniques and skills of cybersecurity. It is a transformative game teaching people of all backgrounds about the dangers of cybersecurity threats and how to combat them.

According to Eric Basu, World of Haiku Founder, “You can have fun while learning hacking skills and our game could be a way into a career in cybersecurity.” He goes on to say, “Our platform is making people more aware of cybersecurity risks simply by playing World of Haiku, and when you are aware of how attackers can attack you, you’re better able to defend yourself.”

World of Haiku is a curated, guided RPG that trains players in specific cybersecurity skills that align with the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) cert. It features increasingly difficult missions and it accommodates inexperienced players through highly skilled professionals. Therefore, the game will appeal to video game players, current or aspiring cybersecurity professionals and educational institutions, and it’s downloadable from Steam. World of Haiku is competitively priced as a typical computer game to make it accessible to anyone.

World of Haiku is truly a game for the present and is set to launch in May 2022. For now, you can add it to your Steam wishlist.

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