Sherry Walraven Creates an Enjoyable Story That Brings the Reader on an Exciting Odyssey

“Mountain Adventure” is an exhilarating travel story of a cousins’ group. Their one-of-a-kind adventure reveals their personality variations as they encounter unforeseen events they didn’t anticipate.

“Mountain Adventure” follows the story of cousins’ travel to their annual vacation, they didn’t anticipate the escapades they would encounter while staying in a rustic cabin in the majestic mountains in Missouri. The colorful characters and wild animals they saw along the way would forever be etched in their brain for a lifetime. At times they didn’t know whether to cry or go home, but the cousins were stronger than most women as they had to use weapons for a matter of survival. They would not stand by while others were trying to harm them. The cousins like to have fun yet, they didn’t expect being taken hostage, tied to trees, finding treasure over one hundred years old, to be on their agenda on this trip. The character’s variation of personalities was unique and comical giving the cousins some unforgettable memories to carry with them of their adventurous trip to the cabin in the majestic mountains of Missouri.

“Mountain Adventure” portrays various personalities. Some of these characters were good and others not so good, leading the cabin ladies to do things they had rather not do to survive. A must-read humor story and lighthearted read.
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Mountain Adventure
Written by: Sherry Walraven
Published by: Outskirts Press
Published date: March 4, 2020
Paperback Price: $4.09
Kindle Price: $4.14

About the Author
Sherry Walraven served as a middle school language arts teacher, administrator, and elementary school principal. She is an avid reader who honed her storytelling skills on her two sons and four grandchildren. Now retired, she lives in Calhoun, Georgia, and has a love for God, family, friends, traveling, and lots of fun.