6mm Diameter Coin LRA by Vybronics is Claimed to be Smallest Linear Vibration Motor (LRA)

 Vybronics has introduced the VG0640001D linear resonant actuator (LRA). This device is used to generate vibratory haptic feedback in many diverse applications such as cellphones, wearables, display panels and virtual reality hardware.

This device measures 6 mm diameter by 4 mm thick and generates 0.9 Grms of vibration force when driven @ 1.8 Vrms AC. The drive signal is normally supplied by an LRA driver IC. The LRA’s 6mm diameter is claimed to be the smallest diameter of any coin type LRA vibration motor on the market. The next smallest size measures 2mm larger @ 8 mm in diameter. It is suitable for use in wearables, LRA arrays or any light weight device.

The VG0640001D LRA coin vibration motor is designed to be connected to a flexible printed circuit (FPC). Vybronics can supply this LRA as shown, or with a customer designed FPC. If required, wire leads may be added by a contract manufacturer.

About Vybronics

Vybronics is a leading supplier of coin / SMD SMT vibration motors and linear resonant actuators. In business since 1993, their factories are located in Whenzhou, Shanghai, ChongQing and Huaibei, China. All sites all are certified to be compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. All products are compliant with the RoHS and REACH environmental standards. Vybronics has sales offices located in China and the USA.

For further information, visit www.vybronics.com or contact the sales department at sales@vybronics.com.

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Vybronics VG0640001D LRA Vibration Motor Data Sheet


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