Gary Vochatzer Offers a Striking Image of What’s to Come to Spur Vigilance in the Hearts of Believers and Non-believers

The Bible warns: “Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” Matthew 24:42—But what if no one told you about this? What if you were living your life with no qualms about one day being vanished or left behind? What if the Bible was once a fairytale to you, but then it suddenly reveals itself as the truth? Will it be too late for redemption?
Gary Vochatzer offers a striking image of what’s to come in a story that follows a family caught up in the tumult of the inexplicable disappearance of more than one hundred million people. He presents his book, “Second Chance.”
The book is an imaginative depiction of what will happen during the tribulation period. The protagonist and his family grew up as believers of the Big Bang Theory and have perceived the Bible as a collection of fairytales. When a succession of bizarre incidents occurred, he was left looking for answers and explanations, which he discovered in the Bible, thus opening up a new chapter in his life.
Vochatzer writes: “This book was written with one purpose in my mind—to scare, frighten the hell out of you for what you are about to read, but trust me, His coming is as sure as the sun rising each day, and life and death. This book was written to keep your soul secure in heaven under the blood spilled for us by Jesus Christ.”
The book is easy to follow as Vochatzer wrote the book in chronological timelines, and has kept the plot simple and relatable, without compromising the message. However, it was the change in the protagonist and the heart-wrenching end of the story that carries the most impact.
Will the protagonist get his second chance? Grab your copy now!
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Second Chance: A story of one man’s attempt to get into heaven after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the World’s Savior
Author: Gary Vochatzer
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: July 2021
Book Genre: Christian Book, Fiction
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Married, Christian since 1966, church member, insurance broker since 1962, kept daily prayer journal for 24 years and daily journal for 30 years. Written poems, short stories, Biblical Statements, songs and Statements of Conscience. Five books published and five book ready to publish.