ViennaCC Announces New Feel Good, Pop EP “Twenty Four Seven Music”

 “Pandemic? Tough times? Listen to music and feel good!”

Nine months since his last release, Austria based musician, ViennaCC releases a new album EP “Twenty Four Seven Music – EP” with six songs.

Along with the album announcement, today also marks the release of the first single and video from the album; the song, “Twenty Four Seven Love.” This song will be featured on radio stations around the world. And the music video to this song will be presented on AppleTV, AmazonTV and Roku.

ViennaCC recorded the songs in his studio “DOVUM Studios Vienna,” where he also produced the music videos. The songs are published via his own music label “ATI24.”

The music videos will be published on the musician’s YouTube channel

During the coronavirus pandemic he wrote songs about his feelings at home, he was seldom going out.

We are going through hard times with the coronavirus pandemic. The pop ballad “Tough Times” is about these tough times we are going through.

ViennaCC: “Lonely people are longing for communication and love. In such a mood, I wrote the songs, ‘Hungry for Your Love’ and ‘Take Your Turn.’ In ‘Take Your Turn’ I made the first step and now it’s up to the lady to respond my interest for her.”

The song “Twenty Four Seven Love” is a pop song expressing the longing for never-ending love.

ViennaCC: “Wouldn’t it be so pleasant to feel love all day? This thought inspired me to the song ‘Twenty Four Seven Love.’ With ‘Twenty Four Seven Love,’ I wanted to make a song with the simple message ‘I love you,’ but I wanted to express it in a alternate way. I like simple messages. Sure long ballads like ‘Tough Times’ with a sophisticated message are interesting to work out. But songs to dance to or sing along with should have a message for easy listening.”

The music video to this song is a picture show of animated photos.

The song “Cool and Relaxed” is about the remembrance of a time before the pandemic when people had jobs, were struggling hard and feeling cool and relaxed when going out after work.

ViennaCC: “Where are the times when all shops were open and people were wishing to get rid of pressure from a job? These times seem far gone and in remembrance of these times, I wrote ‘Cool and Relaxed.'”

These songs above have a positive message and are of the genre “Pop.”

But life is not a one way road on sunshine. Sometimes we all have bad moods, specially living with lockdown and other restrictions. This was the inspiration to the sad song “Tomorrow Changes Everything,” where the title implies a positive message: the hope for a better situation tomorrow.

This song has depressive, sad lyrics and differs from the other songs; it is of the genre “Hip Hop.”

ViennaCC: “I wanted to make this song to differ from the other songs, because it is a not really positive song. So it should be a different genre. And I wanted to try to produce a song with this genre. Trying something new can be interesting. Nevertheless I have a positive mindset and outlook to the future.”

Multi-instrumentalist ViennaCC played all the instruments. In his role as producer, he had to do the mixing and mastering himself. And he produced the music videos. To be exact he did not shoot all footage himself, he also uses video footages shot by others, but it was his work assembling the materials together with his own shots to a music video. Only the video to the song “Tomorrow Changes Everything,” which is a cartoon video, was produced by a specialist ViennaCC engaged. But ViennaCC made improvements and the final cut.

ViennaCC: “I see myself as artist in an NY factory like painter Lucas Cranach. I cannot do it all myself, sometimes I outsource work to specialists. But these contractors have to follow my instructions.”

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