Veronica Okafor Presents “Visits with Granny”

If there was one house we would love to go to during our childhood, it would surely be granny’s house. Who does not like their homecooked meals? What about their baked goodies and sweets? Grannies will stop at nothing to make sure their grandchildren are fed and happy during their visits.
A story of a grandmother’s love and affection for her granddaughter will undoubtedly evoke nostalgia in adults and a desire for another grandparent to visit children. “Visits with Granny” by Veronica Okafor will bring back wholesome and candid memories that will tug at every heartstring.
The story chronicles the adventures of Rose, a young girl. She’s a wonderful four-year-old girl who is adored by her grandmother. The book recounts her delightful days spent with her grandmother, as well as the activities they engaged in during her stay, which included baking, gardening, inflating balloons, and shopping. Every reader will undoubtedly recall their days with their adoring grandparents after reading this novel.
Okafor presents the story in a very positive light. It elicits a wholesome feeling that evokes old memories while also instilling in small youngsters a fondness for their grandparents. She also included activities that the family does on a regular basis, making it familiar to everyone. The book also has vibrant graphics that will pique the interest of young readers. Okafor also utilized simple terms, making the book an excellent practice tool for children who are just learning to read. Aside from that, the book also includes a recipe.
The book has a lot of useful information in it. It is educational and will aid in the development of children’s values. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to read this book to your children. Grab your copy now!
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Visits with Granny
Author: Veronica Okafor
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: May 2021
Book Genre: Children’s Book
About the Author:
“Visits with Granny” is Veronica Okafor’s second book after her auto biographical “Living in Two Worlds.” She loves to write as it gives her a special feeling of satisfaction. Being an author of one book has inspired her to write a second one, then hopefully a third. Writing is something that she is very passionate about and a children’s book is a joy to write because it connects her to the world of her grandkids, whom she adore. Okafor has three grandchildren and four children who give her joy.