Into the Trenches of the Unknown

When the call of the One who formed your innermost being leads you to the trenches of the unfamiliar, will you heed it? Can love compel you to brave the jungles of a foreign country? Can faith overcome fear? If you ask Elaine Olelo Masters, her answer is an astounding yes. In her book, “Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway: Shining God’s Light Into Thailand’s Dark Villages,” she shares her excitement and hardships as she realizes the Great Commission.
Masters is a worship leader, mentor, teacher, advisor, evangelist, recruiter, and mobilizer. Her call led her to deliver the message of salvation and deliverance to the tribal people around Chiang Mai and along the Myanmar border. Her more than 30-year journey provides a transparent and unromanticized account of mission work. She talks about rigorous travel on footpaths and underdeveloped roads to bamboo villages where families live in fear of evil spirits, and her own encounters with witch doctors. Masters provides great firsthand insights that entertain armchair travelers and help budding missionaries prepare themselves for the daunting yet fulfilling task of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.
The book will inspire faith, hope, and obedience. It evokes gratefulness for trivial things like electricity that we usually take for granted. It also exposes her vulnerability that makes the book relatable and also infuses a tasteful amount of humor that makes it an entertaining read. Moreover, it gives a clear heads-up as to what’s in store for people who are called to serve God in the front lines as missionaries. Readers often comment, “I felt like I was right there with you.”
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Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway: Shining God’s Light Into Thailand’s Dark Villages
Author: Elaine Olelo Masters
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: March 2021
Genre: Christian Missions and Missionary Work
Target Audience: Travel readers, Church short term missions.
About the Author
Elaine Olelo Masters, author of “Teach Us to Pray” and “Mingling with Muslims,” has served as missionary to Asia from 1978 to the present. She resides in Alaska.