Unityventures Bridging the Gap for New Aspiring Investors into Cryptocurrency

RYI UNITY is a community-driven Decentralized Finance project which aims to bring venture capital to the people through Unityventures

LA, California, 26 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Everybody who ever had a big idea had to start somewhere. Some people just had bigger ideas and the means to get it done. Today, there are more ideas than resources for new or struggling companies. Having a solid business plan is the best way to start and ensure project success but many companies fail, because they do not get the “plan” right. Many more reasons cause businesses to fail. To ensure success, eliminate problems businesses have by putting blockchain solutions in your business plan. Adding blockchain, or tokenizing your idea, project, product, or technology, can erase problems and help you create happy clients. Before you do that, you should know what causes businesses to fail.

Step #1 Avoid Common Business Failure Traps For successful business, research what makes companies fail. Avoid being a pioneer with arrows in your back.

Research can solve all of these, but it cannot 100% fix the lack of cash and research can be costly. But not all research is needed before starting a business. Much can be done while operating, so lack of funding is the biggest problem.

Funding Solves All Of These Problems!

  •  Failed Expansions
  • No Media Or Buyer Awareness
  • Legal Challenges
  • Failure To Utilize Networks

They say, “it takes money to make money” But how can you avoid failure, obtain funding & stay out of trouble when you have no credit?

Step #2 Getting Funded Without Credit Damaged credit or no credit, getting banks or shareholders to fund you, is difficult, time-consuming and can fail for many reasons. Before you launch, even with good credit getting the right amount of funding, may be difficult. If banks will not cooperate, it is unlikely your cash is enough to list on the NYSE! Already cried to friends & family but were met with laughter? Don’t lose hope! If your “idea” is good, call Unity Ventures. Unity Ventures takes owners by the hand from concept to launch, focusing on business development, acceleration and LAUNCH! They can help avoid the top reasons businesses fail. Unity Ventures provides options for funding that melt what is stopping you from launching!

Projects looking for funding are wise to check Unity Ventures out! If your idea makes “sense” to UV’s team? They can work to get you the funding and the audience you need quickly and safely.

Step #3 Get Your “Big Idea” Launched…Safely! Launching is only one step, making sure you launch safely, is important. Cut the wrong deal and you could find yourself owning less of your business than the financiers. They might cut you 100% out of the picture. Fail to get the right funding and things like proper marketing become impossible to obtain. Get your marketing “wrong” and money dries up before you learn how to sell to the public. Worse yet, if you make the wrong moves early on, you could be in for a world of hurt from regulators, lawsuits, or disgruntled buyers. Launching safely and getting the right mix of funding to revenues correct, is where you need to focus. It may be as simple as working with Unity Ventures. They can bring you the audience and the launch platform.

If you are ready to take your idea from the task list to launch?

Unity Ventures are the professionals you need for mentorship, incubation, business development, marketing services and revenue optimization. Launching on exchanges is awfully expensive for new companies. One solution is to get listed on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) like Uniswap, Sushiswap etc. Unity Ventures can get you listed on a DEX and in fact are about to launch their own DEX platform Unityswap and can even utilize BPswap which just released a couple of weeks ago! For bigger exposure, why not list on multiple DEX platforms?

Crypto buyers are looking for up and coming ventures to get involved with. However, they have concerns about fly by night companies and scams.

Unity Ventures…The Benefits Of Vetted Projects Unity Venture’s strategies & systems increase buyer confidence in your launch. By vetting their projects and the people behind them using recommended KYC services, buyers can know who they are dealing with. Token security and buyer confidence are managed and secured by locking up team and insider tokens. This ensures retail buyer fears about dumps and rug pulls, are met with strong measures. Unity Ventures can limit allocations to prevent large buyers from controlling your token supply, this prevents whales from selling large numbers of tokens. For added comfort against scams & rug pulls, UV can work to lock up liquidity tokens, providing greater ease of mind for buyers. To further reduce bad actors & bots from damaging your launch, Uv has unique methods to share. They can set up whitelists, FCFS (first come first served), anti-exit scam prevention, smart contract audits, dynamic token and even strong holder offerings for added safety.

Concerned about being short-staffed? UV can show you how to build a thriving community to meet demands with community member services. To get support from launchpads, institutional lenders, venture capitalists or even retail buyers, companies had to make big sacrifices. Either you had to surrender large amounts of equity or IP or share in your idea, business.

Many launchpads require you give up vast chunks of your total supply of tokens, to be controlled by lenders temporarily or longer. Until now, few solutions to these problems existed. Just to participate in up & coming projects, buyers had to put large resource stakes on hold. To secure your interest, you also had to lock up large sums over and above that stake. Unity ventures seek to change all that and bring solid projects to larger audiences, getting them funded faster! “

“Revenue, Growth Optimization & Acceleration, in THAT order”

Got a project needing funding and a straight line to the launch starting line?