Unireview – Decentralised Reviews and Rating Platform

Reviews brought a revolution in the business world. For years the non-crypto world has been falling back on reviews for all kinds of products/services. The concept is a need of the hour in the Cryptoverse. There has been a massive spike in the number of scams and Ponzi schemes in the market, which has led to losing huge investments of the investors. Unireview is a recently launched community-based review and rating platform for Cryptocurrencies that helps to address the issue at hand.

As the developers say, “Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new in the market, and people are still working their way around it. So reviews are the only credible gateway to the crypto world today.”

How is Unireview helping address the issue at hand?

With its increasing popularity, the Cryptoverse has seen a sharp surge in scams too. Amature, as well as well versed investors, have fallen for these scams from time to time. In addition, the lack of transparency in the network is seen to be posing a massive hurdle before the cryptocurrency and its scaling.

Unireview is a review and rating platform that addresses this issue and has worked its way around it. Having authentic reviews can help an investor to make an informed decision. Knowing what to trust and knowing what the community trust will bilateral help the network invest smartly.

Most traders rely on reviews to come to a conclusion about a new project. Unfortunately, review manipulation and fake reviews have created a less reliable purview of reviewing. Reviews on Unireview would be in the form of an NFT. This will help in building a credible user base that cannot be tampered with. The platform is the first NFT-based review forum. Another hurdle with establishing an unbiased review platform was not being able to have an authentic trail of reviews.

What is the Highlight of Unireview?

UniReview is a unique project that enables crypto users to review and rate any available cryptocurrencies in the market and stores each rating on-chain as an NFT. Every reviewer on the chain will get UREV tokens on the successful publishing of a review. The more UREV token you hold, the more you earn.

Reviewers on the platform will get tier upgrades and tier-based rewards on their reviews. In addition, the decentralised nature of the platform enables it to upload every review on the blockchain, which would further make it permissionless and censorless.

Contact Details

Website: Unireview.io
Telegram: @unireview
Phone: +1 647 467 0118
Address: SF 31B , Rotermanni 6, Tallinn, 10111