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 Ken Stewart founded Tysons Playground in 2012 to share his passion for sports, fitness and nutrition with people of all ages. These health-oriented passions are driven by the deaths of his mother and grandmother from diseases that took them too early.

After serving in the U.S. Navy, Stewart attended Howard University on a wrestling scholarship and graduated with a degree in business management. Since then, he has been an entrepreneur in the nutrition, sports and fitness fields, providing fitness and nutrition consulting to the highest-level athletes and celebrities as well as youth teams and people seeking to improve their health through diet and exercise.

He is a strength and conditioning coach, nutrition consultant, certified USA Track & Field Level 1 coach, USA Weightlifting Club and Sports Performance coach, functional movement specialist, certified Russian Kettlebell instructor and holds many specialty certifications.

While serving in the United States Navy from 1993 to 1998, he was stationed in London, England, and served as the command physical readiness coordinator. He also was a member of the ALL Navy Wrestling team, where he was a two-time U.S. Navy wrestling champion and Armed Forces Championships Silver Medalist.

He also is a lifetime drug-free professional bodybuilder who has won many bodybuilding titles.


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An actual review from one of their members Hannah: “I joined Tysons Playground in 2017 and never went back to a commercial gym again. I immediately got spoiled with their powerlifting competition equipment and wide range of accessory equipment (it really is a playground). I was quickly welcomed into the TP community, and I really think this facility as my home. The staff, trainers, and members here are so kind, driven, and supportive of each other. As a competitive athlete, it makes a huge difference to be in an environment with a variety of tools to help you perform better and a community that wants you to excel – to chase greatness. Ken, the owner of TP, understands that we members love to move and challenge ourselves! We don’t just ‘work out’ – we train. Training is our lifestyle. Tysons Playground offers personal training, nutritional coaching, physique coaching, group fitness, and boxing classes. As the community starts to open back up, I highly recommend you reach out and ask about the services they offer.”

“Let us be your guide, accountability partner, and motivator.”

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Along with other professional coaches, whom all live and breathe fitness. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping people become the best version of themselves.

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