Tumbleocity Announces a Virtual Mission to Mars

 tumblehomebooks.org/book/the-secret-case-of-the-space-station-stowaways-book – Tumblehome, Inc. today announced the virtual adventure Searching for Martians on the Red Planet by Tumblehome author & NASA Ambassador Pat Monteith. The session will showcase the soon to be launch of the NASA Rover, Perseverance, the engineering behind it and the new, cool tools that it will use to explore Mars. Space travelers 7+ will enhance their understanding of future extraterrestrial travel.

In this virtual class, Monteith will discuss NASA’s goals for the Mars mission; One of the goals is to search for signs of life on Mars. What might Martian life look like? Another goal is to learn more about the Red Planet to prepare for future human missions. Have NASA scientists figured out how to make oxygen on Mars for future astronauts to breathe? Monteith will provide lots of information and encourage participants to bring their questions.

Pat Monteith has been a fan of space travel since she was a teenager and learned her mother was part of the team that assembled the boots worn by Project Mercury astronauts. Pat’s interest in space travel has never waned; she has become a NASA citizen scientist involved with their “Informing Asteroid Initiative” and “CosmoQuest: Asteroid Mappers” project, and is certified to handle Lunar & Meteorite samples.

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