Tucker Company Worldwide Participant at 2023 CTMA Conference

 The Contractors Transportation Management Association (CTMA) Conference takes place soon, and Tucker Company Worldwide will be attending and exhibiting.

This year’s conference will be August 7-10 at the Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder in Santa Fe, NM. The theme is “Reunited with Purpose.”

Looking to get to know Tucker on a personal level? An expert from Tucker will be available to provide insight into the industry and how Tucker can help. The team looks forward to meeting you.

Visit the Tucker Company Worldwide booth (15) at the CTMA Conference, the “must attend” meeting that connects government, military, and private sector stakeholders in the Joint Logistics Enterprise.

About Tucker Company Worldwide
Tucker Company Worldwide is the oldest privately held freight brokerage in North America, specializing in notoriously complicated freight, like temperature-controlled, oversized, and high-value, high-security shipments. Freight security and quality processes and procedures are at the center of the business, evident by its ISO 9001:2015 certification and underlined by its meticulous approach to carrier selection. Learn more about the Tucker difference at tuckerco.com.

About CTMA
The CTMA consists of DOE contractor transportation managers and logistics professionals from nationwide DOE locations, including Environmental Management, NNSA and Office of Science organizations. The annual workshop provides an excellent forum for DOE transportation and packaging professionals throughout the DOE complex to exchange information and network to build a valuable transportation and packaging resource. Learn more about the CTMA at ctmaconference.com.

Tucker Company Worldwide
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Phyllis Tucker Shares a Holistic Way of Rearing Children to Be Successful People in the Future

Las Vegas, NV – WEBWIRE

“The 3 In Me” is a work of art that entails guidance to children who are dealing with emotions and feelings that they don’t yet understand, to get a biblical perspective, even at a young age. The book was written for children yet the principles are ageless.

The story follows, Jimmy is a young boy who is troubled by his moods and the emotional roller coaster he often experiences. Not realizing that many of these moods are simply due to wrong thinking and a wrong perspective about God. His father is there to help and give him the inside scoop on “The 3 In Me.” The message in this book was the same message the author wanted to share with her grandkids. Parents are in a dilemma about how to raise kids into successful people with good virtues like honesty, peace, forgiveness, patience, love, and above all living in the word of God.

The author itself is a witness that children understand “spiritual matters” at an early age. She was only eight years old when she asked Jesus to come into her heart. The bottom-line idea of the author here is that; “It starts on the inside.” This book will be an aide to build the foundation that will help your children know the answers are within them. “The 3 In Me” is the answer to every problem your child may have. Why? Because it deals with the root of the dilemma. Any and every issue stems from wrong thinking and a wrong perspective of God. This book is easy to understand and helps the child have a “manageable” way to deal with the issues of his or her life.

This worth-turning pages book is best to share with parents, family, and friends.

Book copies are available at Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/3-Me-Phyllis-Tucker/dp/B0B2WMGR7C/) and other online book retailers.

“The 3 In Me”

Written by: Phyllis Tucker

Published by: Proisle Publishing Services LLC

Published date: June 4, 2022

Hardback Price: $15.99

About the Author

Phyllis Tucker is a mother, wife, and minister. She found a passion to write stories for children that bring practical meaning into their lives. She and her husband, James are celebrating 58 years of marriage and they currently live in Las Vegas, NV. Phyllis’s humble beginnings started in South Central Los Angeles where she was born and raised. She has risen to a level of prominence that can only be attributed to the hand of God working mightily in her life. Phyllis is a mother of two, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of four girls. It is this role that inspired her to write the book “The 3 In Me.”