Serenity Trends Is an Online Retail Store That Helps People Express Themselves Through High-Quality Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories

California, US, 29th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, With the United States being the largest apparel market in the world, there are many valuable fashion brands like Nike, Hermes, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton that can offer you luxurious and expensive clothing items and other accessories.

But many people are also looking for affordable brands that can offer high-quality clothing, jewelry, accessories, skincare, and other beauty items in an economical range.

There are many online stores that can offer a wide range of fashionable items for men, women, kids, and pets, but either they fail to meet the high-quality standard of products or have poor customer service. With more than 95,000 established apparel companies claiming to produce budget-friendly apparel, jewelry, and other accessories, one particularly caught our attention through its unique collection of items with attractive illustrations and the finest quality.

Serenity Trends is an online store based in the USA which offers a wide selection of bags, wallets, key chains, scarves, belts, travel accessories, skin and hair care items, makeup products, kids apparel and accessories, bath toys, pet apparel, leashes and dog collars, anklets, jewelry boxes, necklaces and earrings like cartoon style earrings, cute girl earrings, Indian design earrings, Japanese design earrings, sunglasses, watches, and home and office décor.

When we asked a sales representative about the core values of the company, they said;

At Serenity Trends, we aim to be creative and unique with every product we design, keeping in mind the fashion requirements of the customers that we target with our brand. We aim to provide fashion-forward items that let people express their individual style statement without breaking the bank. We are always working to strike a balance between the ones to provide customers with what they want and also asking for feedback to improve the quality and designs of our products. We aim to share positivity and inspiration with our customers and build a long-term relationship and trust through our excellent product service and growth pattern.”

About Serenity Trends

Serenity Trends is an online store that ensures that its customers have the luxury to buy clothing, jewelry, and accessories that reflect their personal style without splurging on expensive items. They believe that every customer has the right to buy what they want to express themselves and that the budget-friendly price shouldn’t affect the overall quality of their products.



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Digitalize Trends: Introducing New Blogging Platform

 Digitalize Trends, one of the top writing and editing companies, has introduced a new blogging platform for exploring writing skills across the industry.

The scope of writing business and technology articles for earning online traffic is increasing at a quick pace. Several bloggers are using new blogging platforms to contribute to their writing and content marketing skills. However, leading the way in the blogging domain, Digitalize Trends, has newly introduced its blogging platform to assist bloggers and content writers in diverse niches.

The pioneers of the new blogging platform by Digitalize Trends have openly invited all types of blog writers and content marketers for superior quality, well-researched and informative business and technology posts. They provide great opportunities to become a contributor on their new content writing platform with industry influence and useful blogs.

As one of the leading blogging platforms, Digitalize Trends, in the coming time, wants to prove itself as one of the leaders in delivering technical and business blogging opportunities to bloggers of different fields.

As industry influencers across content creation and marketing practices, the company is providing an extensive scope for reaching out to huge audiences with various pieces of content.

You can pitch them with a variety of business and technology content pieces for awareness and creating credibility across the industry. The new blogging platform will soon ensure offering scope for applicable digital marketing campaigns. The company is forming new strategies and will develop content plans soon to ensure excellent outcomes for content creation and publishing features for enabling writers and digital marketers.

The new blogging platform for releasing the business and technology posts covers the niche like Lifestyle, Programming, digital marketing, and various technologies which are trending on this platform. The other content categories to select from also comprise Blockchain, AI, IoT, Machine Learning (ML), AR & VR, mobile and web application solutions.

So the bloggers and digital marketers are getting the advantages of building digital awareness while enhancing their online presence through their superior quality work. The company already has the precise platform for publishing helpful content with distinctive branding aspects and has content published on significant industry subjects. Digitalize Trends’ new plans and tactics will further be advantageous for search engine rankings by posting content on a digital platform already with so many subscribers.

Many leading blogging companies, self-employed bloggers, and digital marketing stakeholders around the world have worked with Digitalize Trends. The company has already assisted its stakeholders and partners with online traffic and generating immense attention digitally.

The blogging platform is now looking forward to publishing technology and business posts on a variety of domains and extending the online reach. The quality of the content they will choose for the technology articles should be highly informative and with proper guidance. In terms of key metrics, the platform has published numerous posts online that have gone viral and helped the involved stakeholders.

Digital publishers at Digitalize Trends are highly supportive and ensure that they will be in touch with the content creators to back them in submitting quality content with an optimized approach. However, they will stick to their excellence in uniqueness, grammar, and other content writing guidelines to be precisely followed across the publishing procedure. The company will allow both independent content writers and company bloggers from diverse domains to contribute to the portal with their blogging and content marketing skill sets.

The blogging platform looks eye-catching and has a swift loading speed. The viewers find the platform highly useful, so it has also earned the reliability of the current bloggers and generated enough online traffic figures that it has displayed over the years.

The content writer from diverse sectors needs to smartly showcase their blogging skills and talent with a compelling pitch, allowing better chances of their selection for blog postings and publishing. So you can apply with your details, submit a blog, and contribute helpful content using your creative writing skill sets.

Discovering blogging talent has been challenging across the industry and marketplaces, so Digitalize Trends has directly offered valuable blogging opportunities with the best selection criteria and easy-to-use platform to growing content writers.

Bloggers can go through the current content on the site, take inspiration from the website layout, follow content guidelines prior to applying and write for us. Digitalize Trends expects to grow and mature swiftly with its new blogging platform in the coming time.

About Digitalize Trends

Digitalize Trends is a writing and editing company with the objectives of spreading business and technology insights across the globe. The company focuses on trending content pieces in diverse areas such as lifestyle, business strategies, software programming, digital marketing, SEO, social media, IT gadgets, E-commerce, medical technology, education technology, travel tech, and other diverse fields.

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NFTACE Trends at the forefront of NFT technology, increase your finances just by owning and trading.

TURKEY CITY,  18 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, NFTACE Trends at the forefront of NFT technology, increase your finances just by owning and trading. NFT market cap is on the rise: NFT’s market cap is up 1,785% in 2021 as demand explodes. As digital assets gain momentum from both the industry and the consumer perspective, it is important to determine what is important and what is not. This urgency is heightened as people continue to feel the economic shifts and impacts of the pandemic. Yesterday’s financial system for the masses was revealed and it is still a major factor driving the particular interest in digital assets.

The Expanded Universe of NFTs

Recent headlines have focused on NFT in the art space. Most significantly, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” a digital collage by digital artist Beeple, sold through Christie’s auction house for more than $69.3 million. The overall focus of this story is of course on the incredible dollar value of the sale and Christie’s involvement. With the highest profile NFT selling for almost $70 million and celebrities jumping on the NFT hype by releasing their own flagship NFT.

This explosive trend related to NFT has caused the selling volume of NFT markets to skyrocket, along with the valuation of NFT-related tokens. The NFT, insurance, fractional, trading and index markets are considered to be the most invested sectors in the market. If this trend continues, two areas of NFT are likely to benefit the most from it: the NFT marketplace, blockchain gaming studios, and NFT-targeted layer one blockchain. In the financial world, the New York Stock Exchange is issuing NFTs to celebrate the initial public trading of certain stocks. In addition, more possibilities are being made as NFT meets decentralized finance, including NFT being used as collateral for loans. In the world of horse racing, Zed Run, a digital equestrian platform in which the horses are NFTs, provides a variety of interactive angles for fans, as it spans the collection, passion for horse racing. and/or the ability to generate capital. It also represents a more “tangible” form of NFT, as owners can use their NFTs to compete.

In addition to “high art”, NFTs can also be created as drawings or digital works, and they can be displayed virtual or uploaded to the NFT network. In other industries such as fashion, the curated online marketplace Clothia is creating new revenue streams for global fashion designers by auctioning off NFT dresses and sending them to the winners. Bidding one-of-a-kind physical dresses. Gucci also said it was “only a matter of time” before the high-end fashion brand released an NFT of its own.

So why don’t we make our own NFT?

Once you have connected your Wallet to NFTAuction.Exchange, you can go ahead and create your first NFT. Click Create in the top menu and create a collection. Fill in all the required information, then save. You are now ready to begin the actual minting of a new NFT. Click New Item, load your artwork and provide all the details you want about it. When you’re ready to fire, click create.

Congratulations, you have successfully generated the token! However, to sell it on NFTAuction.Exchange., you must open the newly minted item in your collection and click the sell button. On the sale page you will be able to choose which ACE tokens you will accept for payment, if you want to sell at a fixed price or at an auction and the royalties you want to receive from the first sale and next.

Profit (?)

So you have created NFT and successfully listed it on NFTAuction.Exchange.. What now? Waiting until someone realizes your precious token won’t get you very far. You’ll have to market to your audience yourself, possibly to an existing community of people interested in your work. That is the most challenging part, and has nothing to do with the artistic process.

There is one point that needs your attention! When owning NFTACE, in addition to trading, you can also receive profit of transactions of many other people. This is a great mechanism of NFTAuction.Exchange. Get it as soon as possible!

Japan – Synopsis 2021: Hot Trends – Join the Summit 1-5 June

Synopsis 2021: Hot Trends is a 5-day international summit on major cryptocurrency industry trends, including DeFi, NFTs, and a fresh approach to digital art. Over 60 leading industry experts from around the world will ensure full immersion in the world of decentralized finance and crypto economy. The summit will be streamed on several popular platforms, including YouTube and

The summit offers you 5 days of full immersion in the digital economy. Get access to relevant information from industry headliners. Round tables, panel discussions, solo performances, AMAs, and interviews are waiting for your attention and participation. Panels to include Decentralized Finance, Yield Farming, Mining, NFT Exchanges, Digital Economy & Regulation, Trading Ethereum 2.0, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Synopsis 2021: Hot Trends will feature outstanding speakers of the global blockchain industry, DeFi and digital art (NFTs), and representatives of regulators and digital asset platforms. Many manage globally renowned projects; each is a professional in their realm: DeFi, digital asset exchanges, trading, market analysis, research, mining, NFTs, blockchain project management, law and regulation, business-state interactions, and more.

– Summit hosts: Maria Stankevich (EXMO), Yan Khavanskiy (Coindar, Colibri Group) and Lihan Lee (Xangle).

– Summit sponsors: Algorand, ARPA, CyberVein, Gather Network, Verasity, Bella Protocol, TrustBase, Gate, Bingbon and others

– Partners include: THETA, Binance, Aergo, Conflux, TON Labs, Free TON, EXMO, MahaDAO, OKEx, Elysia, Plasm Network, Shiden Network, Stake Technologies, VAIOT, J2TX, MobiFi,, Securities, BeInCrypto and others

– Organizers: Colibri Group, Coindar
– Co-organizers: Xangle, Prometheus, Investment Russia
– Special partner: THETA Labs
– Summit website: