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Houston-Based CEO, Dr. Sheri Miller, is a visionary educational and business professional with outstanding qualifications in educational leadership, leadership development, and business operations in both education and business markets

Dr. Sheri L Miller-Visionary CEO

Dr. Sheri L Miller-Visionary CEO

HOUSTONMay 2, 2021PRLog — There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise! That matched by a woman determined to rise on behalf of black and brown children housed in underperforming, struggling urban schools in impoverished communities across the country is quite the lethal combination. Dr. Sheri L. Miller, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TranscEnDence Educational Partners, LLC. (TEP)-USA and TranscEnDence Educational Services, LLC. (TEP-UAE) is that girl! She is that quintessential southern girl that rose out of urban schools in Houston to attend two HBCU’s, return to her elementary school begin her teaching career, rose quickly to the level of education executive, and served at all levels of the school organization. She is a walking example of all that kids of color can do and become having shattered countless glass ceilings of what the world tells us girls like her can do and become.

“Dr. Sheri” as she is often called is a first-generation advanced degree recipient in her immediate family, and the only Ph.D. in her immediate and extended family. She is a passionately powerful career educator who is unapologetic about changing the lives of black and brown kids in urban, high-poverty schools. Having been maligned, attacked and mischaracterized throughout her career for challenging the bounds systems often use to limit the realization of gifts black and brown kids, Dr. Sheri is an educator who has earned her stripes as an urban educator. Her work and footprint is forever engrained on the hearts and minds of the children, families and educators she has touched having led over 150 urban schools in 13 U.S. States and abroad in the UAE. A powerful woman on strength, courage, tenacity and having a heart for black and brown children, Dr. Sheri’s mission is that of challenging the assumptions made about what children in “hood schools” across America can do. While not often a popular stance, Dr. Sheri leads against systems, policies, structures and bureaucracies that undergird and reinforce the blatant and cunning inequities of educational access, deficit model thinking, and anything that prevents all children receiving a quality education.

Thirty years into the game, Dr. Sheri remains committed to her craft, pouring into like-minded and hearted educators, and contributing to a field she lives and loves. Her body of work is extensive and includes the launch of a powerful educational consulting firm in 2017 aimed at transforming urban schools from the inside out through an investment in human capital. TEP, a boutique educational consulting firm is a reflection of Dr. Sheri’s mission to improve urban schools grounded by a team of powerful urban educational leaders with expertise in all aspects of school transformation. She is yet the educational activist determined to rise on behalf of kids in the hood!

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