TheCapitalNet TV intros Into The Private Markets With Cyril Demaria

TheCapitalNet TV launches Into The Private Markets with renowned industry expert Cyril Demaria, focusing on understanding the nuances of the private markets ecosystem.
Episode 1 | Into the Private Markets with Cyril Demaria : Asset Classes
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With over 20 years of work experience in the private markets, having authored multiple books and research papers, along with being part of multiple funds, consultant to pension funds, family offices, and a PhD from University St. Gallen in addition to being an Affiliate Professor at EDHEC Business School, Cyril Demaria, with his bounty of knowledge about the private market value chain, sits down with TheCapitalNet Team to break down basics of the private markets, starting with the asset classes prevalent in the same.

Cyril Demaria : Author, Academician and Investor
Apoorva : Editor, TheCapitalNet TV
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Stay tuned for Episode 2 focused on key industry players prevalent within these assets classes – exclusively on TheCapitalNet TV.

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TheCapitalNet joins the prestigious Fintech100 by Fintech Abu Dhabi 2021

TheCapitalNet, Inc., a leader in SaaS and financial technologies, has been recognized as a global innovator by the Fintech100 and Fintech Abu Dhabi 2021, and joins this year’s Fintech100 Forum with its Private Markets suite of solutions: for Investments (, for Innovations (, and for Startups (
This year’s Fintech Abu Dhabi Festival will be held from 22 – 24 November 2021. One of the world’s most influential meetings, focused on the burgeoning sector of financial technologies, this recognition reinforces the shared belief many global stakeholders have for TheCapitalNet products i.e., putting the best technologies to work, thus enabling them in value nurturing and wealth creation.

“We are thrilled to be included in this prestigious listing,” said Dr. Rakesh Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO of TheCapitalNet. “Every accolade brings its own set of responsibilities to businesses like us, and we are committed to making ours even more worthy. This recognition further inspires us to work harder towards our vision of making ‘Private Markets’ and ‘Innovation’ easy, transparent, and connected,” added Rakesh.

TheInvestorNet is a solution from TheCapitalNet that helps fund managers and investors to manage all major aspects of the private investment business including processes, business intelligence, and transactions. PE, VC, CVCs, Family Offices, Angel Networks and M&A teams can meet TheCapitalNet executive team at the Fintech100 Forum (23 – 24 November) in-person, or at

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TheCapitalNet appoints Privity FZ LLE to expand MENA footprint

TheCapitalNet (TCN), a SaaS company driving digital transformation in the Private Investment, Innovation, and Startup ecosystem globally, today announced that it has appointed Privity FZ LLE, an independent venture-focused advisory firm in the UAE, to bring the TheCapitalNet ecosystem to stakeholders across MENA, powered by Privity’s strong presence and understanding of the ecosystem and the region.

The MENA region is well placed on the digital transformation curve, backed by a growing investment landscape (know more about the investment landscape of MENA on TheCapitalNet TV []). The partnership aims to bring efficiencies and intelligence to stakeholders in the ecosystem provided for by the suite of products offered by TheCapitalNet.

Startups, Innovation, and Investment

TheCapitalNet products are used globally by Venture Capital firms, Private Equity funds, Angel Investors and networks, and family offices (TheInvestorNet); Incubators and Accelerators (TheIncubatorPro); Startups and Aspiring Entrepreneurs (TheBizPlanner) in many countries across the world, helping users attain a high degree of deal and business efficiency, with strong collaboration, secure data management and business intelligence.

“The customers TCN were seeking to target in the MENA region were precisely those that Privity interacts with, and after witnessing the power and potential of the different SaaS products and solutions, it became evident that Privity join forces with TCN to evangelize Dr Bhatia’s mission in the MENA region,” said Sleem Hasan, Founder and CEO of Privity FZ LLE.

“We are excited to partner with Privity,” said Dr Rakesh Bhatia, Founder and CEO of TheCapitalNet. “This partnership brings us a step closer to establishing a foothold in the MENA market, and exploring the innumerable possibilities that are present, and further realizing our vision of digitally enabling the stakeholders in the ecosystem here.”

“We have an ideal partner in Privity, a strong player with an exceptional understanding of the MENA market,” added Rakesh. Gain insights into the MENA innovation and investment ecosystem from Mr. Sleem Hasan on TheCapitalNet TV *.

* TheCapitalNet TV Special: Understanding the MENA startup and innovation ecosystem with Mr. Sleem Hasan –

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About Privity

Privity FZ LLE was founded in 2004, an independent venture-focused advisory firm that seeks entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas and helps them to develop and grow. Privity is agnostic to geography and industry vertical, focusing on the quality of the entrepreneur and the compelling value proposition of the idea. Privity draws upon its unique methodology ‘4i’ – Ideas, Intelligence, Invention, Innovation – to deliver insightful advisory and consulting services. The 4i methodology is a result of Privity’s vast and diverse experience gathered over the years, as well as the application of highly specialized domain expertise.
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