Suntech Textile Machinery Release the New Series of Diaper Machines for Sale

 Suntech Textile Machinery, is a subsidiary company of Zhejiang Strength Machinery Co. Ltd. in China, a majority of baby diapers are made by Suntech Textile Machinery machines. Manufacturers who use Suntech Textile Machinery machines can produce the best quality baby diapers. Combining original technology and innovative processes, Suntech Textile Machinery technology has helped make this possible.

The production process for each type of diaper is different from one another, so each type diaper requires a different machine.

Suntech’s New Series of Diaper Machines for sale

1. Fully Automatic: From material feeding to packing

2. High Speed: Up to 1000pcs/min

3. High Stability: Pass rate≥98%

Now Suntech Textile Machinery mainly provides 5 models of diaper machines for different shapes of end products.

Baby Pants Diaper Machine, Cross-Direction Process

The most common diaper shape designed by Asia has become more and more popular across Europe and the Americas.

This product type is the standard diaper design in India and Indonesia. And it has become more and more popular in China, Southeast Asia, West Europe and North America.

Baby Pants Diaper Machine, Machine-Direction Process

Commonly found in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

Panel-type pants diapers use an elastic film as one of their main components resulting in a slim-fitting pant product. Place the material onto the diaper at high production speeds, which requires precision and special bonding methods.

Baby Tape Diaper Machine, Leg-Hole Type

The Hourglass shape diaper design is most commonly found in Asia.

The cuts in the diapers used on the baby’s legs improve fit and comfort, while reducing leakage and bursting. Suntech Textile Machinery machines include innovative processes that maintain high production speeds and stability. Suntech Textile Machinery has exported hundreds of these machines throughout Asia.

Baby Tape Diaper Machine, Panel Type

T-shape or I-shape diaper designs commonly found in Europe and the Americas.

This diaper type is common in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Elastic film material is cut to shape and attached to nonwoven material. Suntech Textile Machinery’s innovative technologies allow precise high-speed placement and secure attachment of elastic components.

In addition, Suntech Textile Machinery also supports OEM service.

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