Let’s Taco’bout Taco Tuesday

 TacoTuesday.com is proud to highlight the significant impact of Taco Tuesday on the restaurant industry. Taco Tuesday has become a beloved tradition across the nation, providing numerous benefits for both consumers and businesses alike.

Taco Tuesday is not just a catchy phrase; it has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Here are some compelling facts on the importance of Taco Tuesday:

• Taco Tuesdays increase restaurant revenue 22% – 36%; this helps to keep the local economy and payroll thriving.

• The earliest-documented advertisement for a Taco Tuesday special was in the classified section of the October 16, 1933 edition of the El Paso Herald-Post. [Source: Gustavo Arellano, Thrillist]

• 58% of Americans are aware of Taco Tuesday, and 42% have celebrated it. While 13% of Americans celebrate it every week, that is more than 30 million people.

• There are close to 100,000 restaurants in the United States that celebrate Taco Tuesdays.

People before Profit – Success is measured on the positive impact we make, not just money.

TacoTuesday.com will always be free for restaurants and community members. It’s not easy to run a restaurant; we are here to help so they can show off their Taco menu and make it super easy for taco lovers to find what they are looking for. Our goal is to add value to the restaurants and you by making every Tuesday a day you look forward to.

Long Live Taco Tuesday

Pamela Waitt



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