Introducing SwirlToken a New Utility Token for the HubSwirl Platform

The HubSwirl Ecosystem currently has over 12 Million users worldwide. A Crypto Utility token backed by a Canadian Corporation. HubSwirl Inc. is a corporation based in Canada and provides a patent pending innovative platform. HubSwirl is pleased to announce the launch of our platform utility token called SwirlToken — The platform is a decentralized ecosystem built with user privacy in mind

HubSwirl is a powerful Platform Connecting People, Business, Influencers & Fans — Patent Pending Technology Provides a Hub for all Social Media Interaction. Users can create group pages “HubSite”, collaborate & share, plan events and connect to their community, customers and fans.

The SwirlToken “SWIRL” will enable the instantaneous creation and distribution of a wide range of utility form self enforcing and self executing Smart Contracts, Financial DFI, VIP access membership, NFT & Franchise Ownership and platform payment systems. SWIRL will be integrated into the HubSwirl ecosystem including; Shopolu, HubSpin, SwirlSwap & Metaverse integration

The SwirlToken is your key conduit between on-chain, off-chain and platform interactions.

SwirlToken — Tokenomics

Total Supply: 870,000,000,000,000

IDO Sale price: TBD

Initial Circulating Supply (PR): 290,000,000,000,000

Initial Tokens Locked:578,800,000,000,000

Initial circulating market cap: $165,577

Type: BEP-20

Ticker: SWIRL

FAIR Launch is now Open on the PinkSale Presale Launch Platform available for sale here until January 3rd

Contract address: 0x38fFA52C7628f5cCf871472e40c462E4483215C9

Smart Contract Audited

Allocation Distribution

The initial circulating supply — Pre Sale — FAIR Launch has a 33.33% allocation of 290T SwirlTokens. The team believes to have the right balance given these initial supporters the opportunity to share our vision of bringing the world smart contracts and decentralization to the HubSwirl Platform.

The total locked tokens will be 578.8T SwirlTokens will be at 66.5% — Includes 21.33% allocation for future Burning; 23.33% liquidity locked; 10% allocation to fund platform development and SwirlToken integration into the ecosystem; 10% Marketing budget to fund large targeted marketing campaigns and future exchange listings and 2% to be distributed for the team — In order to kickstart our marketing we have left 1.2T SWIRL available in the marketing wallet to collect USDT Rewards.

Vesting schedule: will be 10 months — with release of 10% each month.

The Marketing — we want to move at a strong pace. We have an extremely aggressive development pipeline and need to ensure we have the means to move as quickly with communicating and bringing attention as we are when releasing our products. The Marketing wallet will also receive 4% BNB from the Smart Contract transactions to fund ongoing social media marketing campaigns. Marketing tokens will become unlocked and available 10% monthly — They will be used for larger campaigns, airdrops and giveaways. Marketing, across the crypto and traditional landscape will be paramount to the success of SwirlToken.

The Burning — We want to increase value as the project progresses. 10% of the Burn Tokens will become unlocked and burned monthly. As a result, the price of the coin should increase and create scarcity of the SwirlToken. After the 10 months Vesting period- when all 185.6 Trillion tokens are burned we will start a quarterly Buy back event using the Smart Contract’s 1% buyback wallet and/or liquidity pools.

SwirlToken’s Project Lead commented:

Investing up-front and aggressively in the areas we see most value in bringing our vision to life — in particular Marketing and development — gives our community and the project the best chance for success.

We are also thrilled with our partners and advisors who have come on board through Seed and Private rounds — opening up doors to hit the market hard and with confidence.

Token Utility & Reward System

Each Platform will provide its own specific utility, however the SwirlToken will effectively be your auto Defi investment. Through the Smart Contract code there is auto rewards system;

Every Buy/Sell/Transfer of the SwirlToken:

10% USDT Rewards will be sent to every wallet holder’s account.

4% USDT will go to fund Marketing

1% BNB will be added to the Locked liquidity pools

1% BNB will be added to buy back wallet used for Token Burn Event

SwirlToken token holders will have a significantly differentiated experience to standard users and will be rewarded for their loyalty right across our marketplace.

SwirlToken’s Roadmap for 2021/2022

We are sharing a high-level roadmap so that our investors can understand what key milestones we hope to achieve leading up to our IDO and beyond.

This is work in progress and further announcements will be made in due course:

Innovation is key to driving the conversation of mass adoption and bringing to life use cases to the real-world.

For SwirlToken, to deliver in the short to medium term against each of its strategic pillars is has prioritized the following:

  1. HubSwirl-Core Platform — our flagship product and the first proponent of the HubSwirl Network focusing on Community networking — Local Business, Community Organizations, Local Brand Marketing
  2. Shopolu Platform — our first dApp integration — “the Amazon” of local brick & mortar stores. Focusing on crowdsource personal shopper services & Same day delivery
  3. HubSpin Platform — our second dApp integration creating an ecosystem of P2P market for local music articles to sell music and manage their fan base. SWIRL Token integration of NFT copyright audio.
  4. SwirlSwap — Muiti-chain integration — Adding Swirl Swap exchange extending our network integration with other chains.
  5. Metaverse Integration — As the Metaverse moves into the next internet revolution we will be ready to integrate into partner Meteverse platforms including facebook by creating a connection interface to our platform
  6. An exciting oracle provider partnership announcement.